Friday, June 4, 2010

Where I shop!

Wayne and I love good food!
All kinds of good food...
And we are very blessed
with the ideal place to shop for just about anything
we get our tastes buds set to!
 (this photo is of an old sign located at the rear entrance)
Located in Fairfield, Ohio
 right north of Cincinnati off the 275 beltway
it is worth a trip and visit!
In 1971 it was just a mere fruit and veggie stand in nearby Hamilton.
Since we've been going for the past 18+ years
it has grown numerous times and has gone from a
relatively normal size grocery store to an
enormous campus!
Complete with waterfalls and "elephants"!
Walking in the entrance you will find
a warehouse size building featuring:
the pharmacy (housed in the original shack building on left)...
the sale and regular grocery items...
A humongous olive bar...
The serenading Campbell's Soup man (m'm m'm good)
The deli counter, complete with real truck...
The Big Cheese!...
The "Award Winning" restrooms...
Housed in this section is also the beer, wine and coffee isles!
Moving to the next "building" we come to the...
The meat department (Complete with an Amish buggy!)
oh and we can not forget...
Elvis, who is quite alive every
10 minutes in the candy section!
Moving around the next corner we come to ...
And if you can't find what you need in this produce section...
Moving to the next "building" you can check out the
International Fruits and Veggies!
Wayne and I love fresh fish!
(although not this fresh)
Or this fresh!...
Ahhhh... Just right!
In this "building" you will also find the
"international market" part of the store!
 They have everything from Asian, Italian, Mexican,
Sweden, Britain, Indian...
and just about anything in between!
They even have a huge pet supply section!
(It's where we buy our dog food and bird seed!)
Out in the parking lot is the old King's Island monorail!
Our kids have been waiting for years (yes years)
for this to be assembled and running....
...we're still waiting!
This is definitely worth the visit if you ever pass this way!

Wayne and I have been know to spend our
"date nights" at the jungle!

Where do you shop?


Wendy said...

We don't shop any where near as cool as where you shop! What a great place! Tony and Sarah would love that olive bar! Looks like a fun date night!
Here in pa beer isn't sold at the grocery store...have to go a beer store! How nice to have one place where you can find it all and some extras :)

Christine said...

I can't figure this place out. Is it an amusement park/grocery store or grocery store/amusement park?
I could spend days in there! Great picutres.
I'm going back up to visit your pictures again.

corners of my life said...

I am truly amazed. I wonder how many hours it would take me to shop there. It would be so much fun . . .

Rettabug said...

Wow, that place is impressive! I'm sure DH would have to sit down & rest several times before we could see it all. Me, too, for that matter!! Looks like a lot of fun!