Sunday, April 28, 2013

Before you know it....

Before you know it...
they grow up.

They find things they like... in this case gelato.

And have to be free to make choices...

Just like Dad, too!

Before you know it...
another spring break has come and gone.

And before we know it..
it will only be Wayne and me.

Before we knew it...
Zac turned 18!

And Madison found a new skill
with archery!
Taking first place in a local meet!

And before you know it...
Madison gets hired on for a summer job
at our local amusement park
Kings Island! 

Before you know it...
the kitchen is full of Madison

and her friends...

baking up a storm!

And before we knew it
the trees in the orchard needed trimmed
to prepare for another harvest!

And before you know it
Zac is off to attend his senior prom.

And it seems like only yesterday...