Sunday, January 31, 2010

Laundry Room Reveal

We did it! 
The laundry room is complete, at last!

Remember this:
I am so happy to say it doesn't look like this anymore!

My "laundry" list included:

Finish Laundry..... Done

Remove Washer and Dryer to Dining Room

Take off Base Boards

Pull up old flooring...
Done!  (Remember this?)

Paint Walls...
Install backer board..
Install Tile...

Grout tile..

Add Wall Treatment...
Reinstall Trim...

We also added a project...
replace our utilitarian laundry sink for
something slightly more dressy.

We found a lower cabinet base at a local
Pease Warehouse Store for $10.
It was the right size,
however not the prettiest of cabinets.
We looked for new doors to replace the 
original 4 inch openings and found a whole
cabinet facing that fit perfectly on the this little guy!
We only spent $20 for the new front!
Old facing with small opening.
We removed the old front and glued on the new one!
(see our little helper?)

We ended up having to purchase a larger sink that perfectly
fit in the base cabinet.
After a little sanding...
and 4 coats of paint..

Reinstall Washer and Dryer...

Remember this?
A Little paint is all it took...
Caribou looks guilty, even though he was not
the offending party!

We are so happy with our final result!
So the only thing left on my list was...
Do laundry!

We estimated that we spent about $350 for the entire project.
backer board
paint (had left over from other projects)
new laundry tub
decorative molding
new piping for sink.

Wayne and I supplied the labor!
I am still looking for two small metal
Oscar the Grouch type garbage cans,
one for dog food and one for trash!

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So, was it worth Wayne's week off?
Now we must both get back to work!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Work Friday

Happy Friday!

I want to send a special thanks to each of my
linkers (is that a word?)
and visitors today!

The only thing I was able to paint this week
was my laundry room wall.
I hope to post the finished piece this Sunday!

So this week I decided to post a piece
that was gifted to me by my oldest and one of my dearest friends.
Her name is Elyce.
We've know each other since 3rd grade...
We were college roommates...
and despite the fact we have only lived in the same city
for 6 1/2  out of 32 or so years,
she is like a sister to me!
She currently lives in Indianapolis.
She is an extremely gifted artist!
She plays a washboard in her band.
How cool is that?

me and elyce

In fact, I am the very blessed recipient of many of her fabulous
pieces of art!

The screen is about 9 x 6 and
the center measures only 4 x 3!

Here is a close up. 
Each black line is a small inked hatch mark.
Notice that she has sewn tiny silver thread
throughout the entire piece.

This piece reminds me of a planetary universe.
I display it on my kitchen counter year round.
I find the intricate detail amazing!

Once again, thank you for visiting with me today!
Please take time to visit all the inspiring artists
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aspire to Inspire

A special thank you
 to Lisa at Destination Seaborn
for hosting
Aspire to Inspire.

I thought long and hard about how I'm inspired and
what (or who) inspires me.
This week I felt lead to share about someone who inspires me
my mom!

 Some things Mom has taught me...

God loves me.

Jesus died for me.

Family is extremely important and
vacationing with them is a treasure!

Grandparents are to be loved and honored.
(both of my Grandmothers live with Mom and Dad)
(Nona and me)

We are never to old to play...

so play we must!

Know your gifts and talents and share them with others!

My sister and me!

Take time to pamper yourself!
(Mom took my sister and I on a weekend trip
last year to celebrate my 40th birthday.  She
brought candles and nail polish so we could
do pedicures!)

Memories are free!
(Mom's sand from her trips around the world)

Love, Love, Love

And finally..

Sometimes it is OK to eat dessert for dinner!

I am so blessed to have such a beautiful Mom.
She loves me unconditionally.
She loves my family unconditionally.
She has worked hard to sacrifice for her family.
She continually gives each day to care for my Grandmas.
She loves God,
 and it exudes from her daily!

love you Mom!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover #1

Be warned:
Not all the following photos are pretty!

Better yet,
just consider these the before photos
with the afters to come soon!

Our goal this week is to redo the laundry room.
Why you ask?
Have you ever read the children's book
"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"?
This project all started with a needed paint job.

We still have builders grade flat in this room.

If you look around the bottom 1/4 of the room
you will notice a beautiful darker brown shade.
No, this is not a painting effect, this is an Abby effect!

This is Abby!
( 150lbs of pure love)
Well painting the room is no biggie,
We left our dear on the 4th of July with a dog/house sitter
and she must have freaked
because she did this...

now we must paint the walls and fix the floor.
She also did this...

we should also replace the door,
However, given that we have several trips planned this year
we will leave the door as is and just paint it instead!

So our list now includes:
finish laundry
remove washer and dryer to dining room
take off base boards
pull up old flooring
paint walls
paint door
add bead board (or something like it) to walls
install backer board for tile
install tile
grout tile
seal tile
reinstall trim
reinstall washer and dryer
do the laundry
(I did say it is a circular project!)

We installed cabinets when we built the house.
They offer alot of room for storage,
so they will be staying.

I've also found several wicker baskets
to store cleaning and dog supplies.
These will stay.

We hope this finish this project this week,
during Wayne's vacation.
(Yes, I have the best husband in the world!)

Stay tuned for the after photos...
They've got to be an improvement over the befores!

Thank you so much to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Work Friday

Happy Friday!
Welcome to Art Work Friday!

Today, I am posting a small wire sculpture piece.

I created her from thin gauge craft wire.

She is made to balance by her hair.
I can easily move her from one place to another.

Today, she is hanging from my lampshade in the office!
Her arms are not fixed, so they can move
creating the illusion of dancing!

I have done this project with grade schoolers before
and am always amazed at what
they can create from simple wire!

If you are posting with me today.. thank you!
If you are visiting with me today.. thank you!

If you have a  minute, please take the time
 to visit the sites of these wonderful artists!
You are sure to be inspired!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bird Watching Tea #3

The Rose Bird

Today's inspirational bird came not from one outside,
but from this sweet little bird above.
I've never seen a real pink, rose colored bird,
but this little one keeps watch over us daily
in my grandma's bathroom.
I call him the Rose Bird.

Welcome to my Rose Bird Tea!

Of course in honor of the Rose Bird,
we must have roses!

Roses on tea cups...

and on saucers.

Can you find our little visitor?

Ahhh, the romance of candle light!

Mom's petite crystal vase holds the candle!

Roses, what a perfect way to start the Valentine season!

I just love white with pops of pink!

This is Mom's very first teapot!
It was a wedding gift 42 years ago!

The gold rimmed teacup is Wedgwood. 
This was a special gift from her sister!

The rose relief tea cup is one Mom fell in love with
one day while out shopping with her sister!

I can see why Mom just had to have it!

Thank you for joining me today.
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for more inspiring tablescapes!

Please join me tomorrow for Art Work Friday!
Art Work Friday is a meme which encourages
all artists to come and post their original art!