Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homecoming Dinner

My favorite tablescapes are the
 ones that can be enjoyed
by friends and family.

And this tablescape was lovingly done
for my beautiful daughter Madison 
and 4 of her most excellent friends
for dinner prior to Homecoming.

Madison helped pick the colors.

White... Pink...Blue

And for this evening we pulled out 
our rose china and "wedding" flatware.

A few dollars of grocery store clearance flowers
and two mini teapots became
sweet flower arrangements. 

Chocolate cover strawberries so fresh
that they steamed the glass!

The mudroom counter transferred to a perfect place
to stage drinks and dessert!

Homemade Mocha/ Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Twizzlers- they make mouths happy! 

And did everyone have a good evening?????

These beautiful faces don't lie!

I am linking to Tablescape Thursday