Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tablescape Eye Candy

A few weekends ago our church
hosted their annual Ladies Spring Event.
Over the past few years we have done everything
from very formal teas
a hearty brunch
and this year

We always have a wonderful speaker!
Each year we ask different ladies to host a table.
In the past we've asked for full table setting
(china, flatware, stemware, centerpiece... etc.)
For the past two years in attempts to make it
easier for the hostess
we only ask that they pick a tablecloth,
provide a centerpiece and a water pitcher.
Our wonderful hostesses never fail us!
The following are photos from one of the two rooms
we had this year (34 hostesses in all)!

Please note...
I did not do a table this year.
I only took the photos!
I love the bunny reminding me to breath!
The morning sun looked so pretty
shining through the windows.

This sweet table had a bird theme!
I was so pleasantly surprised as I came to the other side
and saw these adorable blue headed birds!

This lady had just returned from a missions trip in Belize!

I liked the stacking hat boxes!

A wonderful Easter Table!

This sweet table was full of colorful spark!

Are you ready for some beautiful flowers?
This was my favorite table to photograph!
And I didn't even get a photo of the whole table!
I love the creative way she stacked teacups
and saucers, using them as bud vases!
What a marvelous collection of tea cups!
Thank you for joining me today!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

Dinner Out!

Wayne and I were able to join friends for dinner tonight!
They had heard of Terry's Turf Club which was recently
visited by Guy Fieri of Food Networks
Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Since the episode has yet to be aired,
and waits can be up to two hours during the weekend,
we decided to beat the crowds and give it a try!

Luckily our wait was only about 20 minutes tonight!
Terry's is known for wonderful hamburgers,
and thankfully they did not disappoint!

Of course, I left my camera at home.
Thankfully our friends had an nifty I-Phone
and took a few photos for me!

If I had my camera, you would be viewing photos of
peanut shells on the floor,
Hamburgers the size of softballs,
antique soda coolers...

Instead you get a photo of Wayne and I!
The most disappointing part of the evening was despite
the numerous signs advertising ice cream and milkshakes,
(see the front of the restaurant)
No ice cream to be found!
And if you've visited my blog before...
I love ice cream!

If you are in the Cincinnati area, love a good burger,
I highly recommend a visit to Terry's Turf Club!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Work Friday

Yarn Graffiti Art

A few weeks ago the kids and I headed out on an adventure.
We found a fun artsy town and I was
thrilled to see Yarn Graffiti Art
covering many of the towns benches, trees, sign posts, etc...
Part of the reason for my excitement was last year at this
time I was able to participate in a large
yarn graffiti art installation in Indianapolis.
Now honestly before this opportunity,
I had never heard of yarn graffiti.

Remember my wonderful friend Elyce?
(Elyce & Wayne)

She is a huge part of the art scene in Indianapolis!
During this gallery open house she was asked to
assemble a theme and team to produce
a large yarn graffiti art piece for the stairwell.

I can knit, my sister can knit so we jumped on the chance
to be part of something this creative.

It was decided to represent the seasons on each
part of the stairs.
My sister and I had the job of "spring base"
and "fall base".

First Spring....
We decided to create a variegated grass
by using a variety of greens and textures.
I love the way the "flowers" look like
they are growing out of the "grass"!

Then summer...
which was created against the landing window.
See the yellow pom poms (aka stars)!
(I helped make those too!)

Then fall...
For the base I decided to create a patchwork base
to resemble fall leaves!
My sister and I knitted small 4 x 4 squares,
which I then sewed together to complete the base.
I love the way they assembled the piece
with actual tree limbs and pom pom falling leaves!

At last Winter...
complete with falling pom pom snow!

Here is the stair well from above!

My Yarn Graffiti alternative identity!

I know that this is probably very different art from
what I normally share, however, I probably spent
more combined hours on this project than
anything I've ever done before!

Thank you for joining me today!
if you have anything you would like to share
(see anything really means anything!)
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See what you could win...
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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Little Like Easter

Mom's Easter Project

Mom's been gearing up for Easter around her house!

She decided to try her hand at growing wheat
to house her adorable little bunny!

I love the contrast of the bright green wheat grass
with the pretty little Easter Bunny!

I believe the hardest part of the project was
finding the wheat seed!
Now she just needs to keep it watered
and administer an occasional haircut!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art Work Friday

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Art Work Friday!

This is a drawing I did several years ago
for my parents.
They were married in Annapolis, Maryland
on June 10, 1967
at the Naval Acadamy Chapel.
Here is the whole picture...
The city of Annapolis is beautiful!
A close up of the window detail.
This is how Mom had it framed.
If you look closely, you can see me taking the photo!

Thank you for visiting with me today!
If you have any original art work that you would like to share,
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Irish Tea

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

My wonderful Mom has put together
an Irish Tea for you today!

As with all good teas,
you must have
Tea and cookies...
A puppy with a shamrock...
A comfy chair,
a soft warm blanket
 and a roaring fire..
And to prevent pinching.. some Green!

A close up of Mom's handmade Donegal bowl..
Aren't the detailed shamrocks fabulous?
The box it came in is almost as beautiful
as the bowl!
A close up of her bud vase!
The marking on the vase.
Thank you for joining Mom and me
for our Irish Tea.

Please join me tomorrow for Art Work Friday!

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