Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Party

Every year my Mom and Dad
host a Pumpkin Party
for the kids and grand kids!

Over the past few years,
we have combined
a trip to the local pumpkin patch
a fall leaf raking, bonfire party
into one fun filled
Pumpkin Party!

Mom will prebuy big pumpkins
and use those to decorate her porch.
To make it fair we have the kids pick a number
from a bowl...

Then one at a time they get to pick their pumpkins!
Zac (my son)
Kee (my nephew)
Bennett (my nephew)
Jamie (my niece)
Jon Mark (my nephew)
Haly (my niece)
Madison(my daughter)!
While Nona (above)

Mom Mom watched on...
the kids
carved pumpkins!
As the kids get older,
they take over the carving.
Happy to report, no one lost a finger
to a wayward knife!
Love the finished pumpkins!
Of course, Mom made plenty of yummy food!
A festive birthday cake for Nona...
candy corn and pumpkin gumballs
( a big hit!)
Pumpkin cookies...
homemade Carmel corn
making for so mores!
And those were just the desserts!
For dinner we had sloppy joes, hot dogs,
brats and pumpkin pasta!
Dad and Mom even made a fire pit for roasting
the marshmallows!
We all celebrated Nona's birthday!
Blowing out the candles...
with a little "help"!
The boys talked Grandpa into getting
out his pellet air riffle
for some target practice!
Even Grandpa got into the act!
I am linking to
A Collection of This and That.
Please be sure to stop over by Dayle's
and check out all the simple pleasures!
My simple pleasure is
 time spent with my family.
I am blessed to still have two grandmas,
my mom and dad,
my sister, her husband and 5 kids
and Wayne and my kids.
We all live in the same 6 mile area.
Cousins are friends!
We are each other's support and
love is always in the house!
Happy Thursday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All In All, It's Just Another Brick In The Wall

Our back splash is done!
More importantly,
our kitchen is now done!
If you remember back this is where we started from:
Knowing that we were changing the counters
from laminate to granite,
we set to work lowering our counter
from bar height to counter height.
Wayne removed the counter and
the granite was installed!

After several nights hanging out in our
local home improvement stores
we chose a tumbled marble subway tile
Wayne went to work installing every piece!
Then we grouted and ...
wiped the tile clean!
Wayne finished up the project with matching caulk!
Ending up with our finished wall!
Can you find my painting project in this photo?
I decided to try and save us some $,
and painted each builder grade switch plate to match the tile!

We think it turned out great...
plus it saved us $!
I am link up to
at Between Naps On the Porch!
A big thank you to Susan our wonderful host!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday at Mom's

Three mornings a week I get to spend at Mom's house
helping to care for my dear grandmother, Nona!
This also means I get to enjoy all of Mom's
seasonal decorating!
Today I am joining Marty over at
A Stroll thru Life
Mom is all ready for fall!
She has plenty of pumpkins!

A seasonal reminder to "Give Thanks"!
She is even ready for all her grand kids too with
a bowl of candy corn and jack-o-lantern gum balls!
Every year Mom and Dad host a Pumpkin Party
for the grand kids!
Look at the pasta she found to make for the party!
Thank you for joining me today for a tour
of Mom's kitchen side table!
Have a wonderful day!