Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Tale of the Two Bags!

First, I want to send a special thank you to
Jeanette at Starting Over for this wonderful
surprise I received in yesterday's mail!
I just love my beautiful, handmade mirror!
Many, many heartfelt thanks!

Second, I have a sad tale to tell...
Remember when I went with Wayne to his 1/2 marathon
in Indianapolis?  We were getting ready to drop him off at the
starting gates, when I reached into my purse and
came up with something
slimy "and "slightly" smelly on my fingers.
Figuring that my hand sanitizer had leaked,
I didn't give it much more thought... until...
As Elyce and I were getting ready to park to observe the race..
I actually looked in my purse and let out a "small" scream.

I am warning you...
the next two pictures are not pretty.
If you are at all prone to be sick at gross things
please scroll fast over the next two photos.
To everyone else brave enough to see...
this is what happens when one forgets an orange
in the bottom of one's purse..
It rots!
(Yes, I too thought it looked liked a dead mouse, hence the scream!)
Needless to say, I had to part with this thrift store purse.
Trust me, the smell was horrible!
Being stuck in Indy without a purse I grabbed
an extra sling bag (you know the kind you get for free)
 and proceeded to use this as my purse.
No, we don't even own a Saturn!
I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but I used
this "bag" as my purse up until last Monday
and then only changed it because I was on my way to a funeral.
That's about two months!

This bag was the perfect size to carry my wallet,
my sudoku book, a reading book, even a water when needed.
So I thought why not reproduce this "bag" in a fabric version.
So using what I had around the house,
Madison (my daughter) and I came up with this!
Just as functional, much nicer to look at!
So we both could have a bag...
I went back to the "fabric warehouse"(my basement)
and made this one too!
I added a contrasting liner to this one!
Can't wait to use my new bags!

So the moral of this story....
Do not store Oranges in your purse!
Have a great day!


Wendy said...

Oh my!! It didn't even look like an orange any more! You and Madison did an awesome job on the purses / bags! That is awesome that it can hold everything. Holding the water bottle is the best part! I get so tired of carrying it around! Can't wait to show Maddie your purses!

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

Dee Dee....You just think it's an ornge. No big deal.....I find those things at my desk all the time...Live a little, put a little pepper on it, eat it, wash it down with old coffee. And then give somebody a big kiss. Yummy!....Tom...

Anonymous said...

Look how handy you are..I couldn't sew those kinds of bags if my life depended on it! And eww to the orange in the purse, I hope I never come across anything like that because I WILL get sick!

corners of my life said...

Your new bags are beautiful. It reminds me of the saying about "making lemonade out of sour lemons" or in your case "making orange juice out of spolied oranges". At least something good came of it . . .

Jane said...

I love the purses you made! Alex got a similar bag/backpack at his college orientation a couple of weekends ago and it did come in handy for all of us. I love the fabrics you had on hand to make them. Now...don't go putting any oranges in there!

Anonymous said...

Love the purses, no tutorial??

Christine said...

What a nice gift you recieved. Great picture of Madison's reflection.
Your bags are really nice. But what I liked about them is that you and Madison sewed them together! That is just awesome.
Sounds like summer is going just dandy, over there in Ohio.

Katie said...

Dee Dee,

That is priceless, I haven't laughed that hard in a while ;) I love what you created, they are both Fabulous hand bags!

What a beautiful hand held mirror you received, that is truly beautiful!!!