Monday, July 11, 2011

A Face Lift

to catch you up to date:

The old house has sold!
We have moved to temporary housing!
Building permits have been filed and approved!
Demo is done!
Windows have gone in!
From the outside they didn't look bad,
but inside they leaked, and
were not very operable.
We decided to update the windows to
a craftsman style,
four square on top and clear on the bottom!
(after photo still to come)
Remember my wall of doors?
My wall of doors?
Now a beautiful wall of new windows and
a real french door!
The big windowless wall in the master bedroom
has now become
Full of windows!
(During- Wayne and I still need to finish the siding)
Same view from the inside- before!
And after!
We are going to just love the new view!
This photo was taken before any of the changes.
Same view after with the new doors and windows!
Even without the siding (which still needs to be added)
we LOVE the change!

Outside our House
apples are growing
as well as...
the pears!
Day lilies are popping up all over!
Any like the little ants that are busy on my flowers...

we are busy too!

This weeks to-do list includes:
Repairing a termite damaged I-beam in the basement.
Replacing some holes in the sub floor.
Siding the back of the house.
Repairing a leak in the roof.
Finalizing the design for the kids bathroom.
Choosing fixtures for master bath.
Taking bids for drywalling and flooring.

At the same time:
Our HVAC people started today,
our plumbers start Wednesday
and the electrician starts
next week!

Have a wonderful week!