Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something free!

Just a quick look at a dresser I picked up
in the garbage a year or so ago!

I painted it black.  It needs to be touched up in
a place or two from our own wear and tear,
but has served us well by holding the kids homework supplies!

The lamp I found for a few dollar at a garage sale!

Much of my furniture has been bought at local
thrift stores or church sales! (I love a good church sale.)
I've decided from time to time I would show you some of these
"low investment" pieces!

Thanks for joining me today!
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but I'm at a loss as to where to go!
Any ideas?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Much Celebrating!

Life has been very busy!
But I'm excited to say...
has finally turned into ...

Yes, my pillows for the family room are done!
The bright cheery fabric is a huge change from
the former browns!
I have two fitted slip covers for my couch...
the yellow one that came with the couch
a dark khaki slip cover that I picked up
about a year ago at Big Lots for $30!
(the khaki pillows on the couch are from that set)
I just love the change in this room!
I am hoping to create a new piece of art for above the fireplace.
I can imagine a large charcoal sketch framed drawing.
I'll have to see what I can come up with!

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I am also happy to share another exciting celebration
happening this week!
Tomorrow, May 24th, Wayne and I will be
celebrating our 18th wedding Anniversary!
Actually, Wayne leaves for a week long conference
tomorrow so we've been celebrating all weekend!
Wayne and I eating at McDonald's the day before our wedding!
Wow, we look very young!
I was very certain of many things that day...

1. I had found the "love of my life", God's blessing!

2. My Grandfather (a minister) would perform the ceremony
outside in his beautiful back yard!
(Despite the fact that it was cold and all my dear guests
had to wrap themselves in Mom Mom and Pop Pop's
extra coats and blankets!)
3. My Dad would walk me down the isle...
4. I would be surrounded by loving friends and family!
Mom Mom Friend , Wayne, Me & Nona
(My grandmothers)

What I didn't know...
was my precious Pop Pop would tear up during the ceremony!

Or that he had a surprise waiting to take us from
his home to the bank in town where we held the

A stunning horse and carriage!
I can tell you this today...
I have been more than blessed!
I married my best friend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Congratulations Madison!

Tonight we were able to attend Madison's
6th grade D.A.R.E. Graduation!
D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education
and is a program that is taught as part of the
6th grade health curriculum in our school!
The program, taught by a local police officer,
teaches the kids the hazards of substance abuse.
At the end of the graduation the kids, all 300+,
ended the night taking the D.A.R.E. pledge to 
remain drug free! 

We are proud of you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The sun will come out tomorrow....

Life here has been very busy.
So I just wanted to send a happy thought your way...

God loves you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Weekend!

What do you get when you add my husband to
35,000 other crazy people?

The Worlds Largest 1/2 Marathon!
Wayne and I headed out of town last Friday
so he could participate in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.
Might I add, for the 5th time!
Notice how all the runners look
warm and energized
even all mile 10!

Want to see what I was wearing?
(me & Elyce)
As official cheerers, I am first to say it was cold!
Thank goodness for hoodies and layers!

For the past 5 years Elyce, my dear friend who lives in Indy,
and I take up position to cheer at miles
4 and 10
Thankfully they cross at the same corner!
For the first 2 years we made ourselves dizzy trying to find
Wayne and our other "crazy" friends from
our church who brave the weekend to run too!
Then 3 years ago, in attempt to get the runners to stand out,
someone came up with these construction worker shirts.
Unfortunately none of the runners took up the challenge to be "seen."

Elyce and I, however decided that we would wear them
and allow them to do the looking for us!
I am so pleased to tell you,
that they find us every time!
(How could you miss us?)
We look like giant fluorescent snowmen!
I was so proud of Wayne for beating his personal best!
Can you tell how cold it was? 
The poor runners were freezing
once they cooled off from the race.
They were all happy to see me at the finish
 with the warm gear they handed
over to me at mile 4!

On another note....
I want to share my beautiful Mother's Day gift
with you...

See what Madison painted for me for Mother's Day!
I think it is simply fantastic!
I love the way her clouds look like animals and objects!

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen and Breakfast Room

We have been busy over the past few weeks.

Our family room has gone from
... this!

Our hallway has gone from

And now our
kitchen and breakfast rooms 
have gone from

We decided to take the same pewter color in the family
room and bring into the adjoining kitchen.
I just love the way the pewter plays off our
stainless lights and appliances.
Since the breakfast room is also open to
both the kitchen and family room we
painted this room as well!
We decided to raise the height of the curtain rod.
If my curtains had been longer, I would have raised
it even closer to the ceiling.
When we built the house 6 years ago, I had decided to
make the counter between the rooms bar height.
We have since decided that it is too high for our liking
and hope to someday lower it to counter height
if and when we save up for solid surface counters.
We have also decided to wait to install a back splash
if and when we upgrade our counters.
See what currently sitting under my cloche?
I was also able to finish my curtain panels
in the family room.
I decided to use a white fabric to match the trim
and columns!
The last thing on the list to finish is pillows for the family room
and art work in the hall!
I just love the way the lighter colors
have filled the room with light!

Thank you for visiting with me today.
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

May your day be full of joy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Front Porch Tea

Give-A-Way Day
and Tablescape
and the winner is....
The Bassham Family.
I want to personally thank each one of you for visiting,
commenting and following me on my blogging journey.
This has truly turned into a grand adventure.
I have "met" so many wonderful people
and am blessed to have made some beautiful friends!
How I wish I could give away something
to each and everyone of you!
And now onto Tablescape Thursday...
A special thank you to Susan our stupendous host
Time for a Front Porch Tea!
Mom and I were able to "play tablescape"
yesterday on her magnificent front porch!
Mom just brought this fabulous plant home
from her recent trip to Lancaster County, PA.
I just love the way the stems are alive and budding.

The yellow in Mom's Japanese teapot
coordinates nicely with the yellow in the planter!
A small Bodum glass cup to hold...
...the perfect amount of tea!
My most favorite cookie ever... Chocolate Chip!
White fluffy pillows for comfort... and...
...a book or two to read!
A large white candle lantern adds
an intimate touch!
Please join me for tea!
Thank you for visiting today!