Sunday, November 27, 2011

Silver and Gold

The hardware in our new house is
all done in a brushed nickle finish.
All except for the hinges on the front and side door,
which we purchased prehung
 at a discount from our local
Pease Warehouse.
The side door came with bright gold hinges.
Wanting them to match the rest of the hardware,
I pulled out my trusty tube of...
Rub 'n Buff.
I am using a silver leaf color,
but this product comes in 16 different metallic colors.
The possibilities and applications are endless!
To do my hinges,
I simply put tape on either side of the hinge.
Rubbed on the color with my finger.
Buffed it with a clean cloth.
Removed the tape...
And received the satisfaction that I now
have matching hardware!

I am linking this mini metamorphosis
over at Between Naps on the Porch.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Wishing you and your family
a very
Happy Thanksgiving!

As you count your blessings,
may your heart be filled with joy!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Welcome to our new Home,
The Provision!
I've been going round and round trying to figure
out how to photo and post the first floor. 
 At last I decided to take it step by step,
starting with the front of the house!
This is what we started with just a little over a year ago!
Come spring,
 we cleaned up the landscaping.
The new windows went in at the beginning of summer!
We chose a top four square to give the house a cottage style look! 
Next step... 
out with the old
 (new front door and thanks to my contractors, the hedges too)
and in went the new front door!
To add character to the flat front
we removed the siding above the bay window
(this removed siding was reused in the back of the house)
and replaced it with a vinyl shingle style!
The house received new gutters at this time too!
This is the front today!
We still are planning to add a window box on the 2nd floor window
and possibly one under the large bay window.
What are your thoughts?
We are also looking for the perfect mailbox
and new house numbers.
Landscaping is slotted for spring!
I have really enjoyed watching all the leaves change
color this fall, especially this beautiful maple
just outside our front door!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

We've Moved!

That's it in a nutshell.....
why I haven't blogged in so long!

It has taken all our energy to finish things up here at The Provision!
And to be honest with you we still have a punch list of things
still to be done, but we are here!

On October 31st we passed our final inspection
and received our Certificate Of Occupancy!
And on Saturday morning of 11/5/11 at 8:00am
the moving truck drove up to the door and
loaded 95% of the apartment and
unloaded it here at the house!

Since then Wayne and I have been busy doing all
the things you do during a move....
Unload boxes
Find new "homes" for everything we own
Hang drapes
Hang blinds
Moving the things from the shed to the house.
Etc.... !!!!

As soon as I find my cord to transfer photos
from the camera to the computer
I'll post some photos!

We can already say...
We Love It Here!
We are Blessed beyond measure!
So far, simple joys have come from
watching the kids play and climb trees just outside the windows!
The dogs love the freedom to run again.
Our backyard is like a park and right in the middle is
a beautiful tree that has turned the most stunning shade
of red.  Yesterday it was warm enough for Wayne and I to sit
in the morning sun drinking our coffee
 and simply enjoy the land and colors
all around us.
Yes,  we are going to love it here!

On another note.... we now have normal (fast)  Internet again!
We have been suffering with slow (think slowwwww dial-up speeds)
for almost a year now.  The internet installer finally diagnosed
the problem as a bad router (who knew?)
and was able to install a new one.
All this to say.....
I can blog again!
It's like Christmas!

I've missed each one of you and can't wait to jump back to blogging!