Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Update....

(cool photo of my friend elyce blowing bubbles during an art show)

 summer is here and we have been

And believe it or not....
I have not taken one single photo so far!

School ended on Wednesday!
Come Thursday morning my dear friend
and her two daughters
came down from Columbus for a fantastic few days of visiting.
Madison and I spent hours with them staying
cool at the neighborhood pool.
poor Zac had three full days of mini-band camp.

On Friday evening,
we were joined by a wonderful mutual friend and her family
 for supper and swimming!

Saturday morning, we all loaded up into the car,
dropped Zac off at camp and went to spend the
morning volunteering at Matthew 25 ministries.
About once a month we will go as a family and spend
a few hours, sorting, packaging various products
that are in turn sent to those in need
across the United States and
all over the world!
I was so excited that my friend and her girls were able to
join us that morning!

We came home fro lunch and said our sad goodbyes
as they left to travel back home.
Then off to a 40th Birthday party at 2:00...
A parent meeting for marching band at 3:15...
A marching band demo at 4:30...
Drop Madison off at a end of year party at 5:30...
A Cincinnati Red's game at 7:00..
Then back to pick up Madison at 10:30..
Ice cream at 10:45...
Home to bed...

All this and not one single photo!
I will have to improve on this!
I hope your weekend has been wonderful.
We are looking forward to a few quiet days!


Wendy said...

Wow! It is so nice to know I am not alone in this crazy busy wonderful life! Wouldn't want it any other way! One day we'll be blogging about how much we miss these days :)

Christine said...

No pictures, that is so not like you.
But you did in creating a great word picture, of your weekend.
And this is just the start of what looks like a busy summer.
Look out!

corners of my life said...

I will stay tuned to see if your summer remains this busy or if things will calm down for the lazy hazy days . . .

Sue said...

Back in the "old days" summer meant you got to relax...sounds like you need a few days like way back when! Glad you are having fun.

Karen said...

that was one busy day...phew, i'm