Monday, January 21, 2013

Hanging Out, Keeping Busy

Who said that January was the month
 to sit back and watch the snow fall?

As I browse over all your great posts...
I see productivity...
I see plans..
I see projects...

But here at our home...
I've taken on a part time job
which seems to take up
a large portion of my day!

So all my "projects" here at home are taking
back seat for a while.

Of course there are things on the burner!

I am currently helping a friend redesign her master bath.
Helping a friend redesign her kitchen.
Wayne and I are redesigning the youth room at church.

So projects to post are coming...
Until then...
Happy January!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You've Come a Long Way Baby

I was looking back over some photos 
of the house from the past two years.

This is what we started with in the Winter of 2011
right after we bought the house.

Heavy old drapery, dirty siding, over grown shrubs,
 and broken lighting
dressed the front like a soggy wet blanket.

Even from the side it was lacking some sparkle!

Early Spring 2011
 the house received new windows. 

We also upgraded the front door
and power washed the siding.
During the window installation,
our installer unknowingly
 gutted some of the front hedge!

The Fall of 2011 saw a few more changes with
the addition of new lighting, new siding on the upstairs peak,
and a painted front door!

Spring 2012
With the indoor renovations completed it came time
to address the front landscaping!

So out with the old....

... and in with the new!

In the next two years we expect it will fill in very nicely!

We were still lacking a little something...
so we built a window box for the upstairs window!

Winter 2012
All dressed up for Christmas!

Even from the side, she now sparkles!

From our house to yours
we hope and pray that this New Year
will bring you plenty of joy and sparkles!

Happy Belated New Year!
The Bernhardt's 

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Friday, January 4, 2013

And Christmas Came Late...

With my computer dead over Christmas Break
I did not have a  chance to share any of
my Christmas decorations.

Since this blog is also a personal journal
I wanted to post a few photos
to remember Christmas 2012!

The Fireplace

To make room for the tree
we moved the large farm table to the breakfast room
and in it's place went the small round table.

I left the tree lights on for 3 weeks straight,
notice that half the lights burned out by the end
of the time!

On the white table went my handmade feather tree...

and some vintage ornaments I bought last year!

My vintage Santa found a perch on the book shelf!

And our true JOY of Christmas
was in knowing
that God loves us so much
that sent his son, Jesus
as our Redeemer!

Belated Christmas Wishes from our house to Yours!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Balloon Launch

It has been forever since I updated the blog.
The day before Christmas my laptop
decided it had lived a nice life and was ready to retire!
It took till yesterday to secure a replacement.
I am so thankful that they were 
able to recover all my files and photos!
What a blessing!

The week after Thanksgiving our family suffered
the loss of our precious Grandma (Great Grandma), 

Her wishes were not to have a traditional funeral here in town.
Instead we will be holding a memorial service during 
the annual family reunion in August.

But that left us feeling a little "empty".

So taking an idea from my dear blog friend Christine,
the family here decided to hold a balloon launch
in honor of our Nona.

We all wrote out messages and memories...

... on colorful balloons.

Letting her know just how loved
and remembered she was and is to us!

We all went outside and
sang her favorite Christmas carol
"Silent Night".

Then sent the Balloons towards Heaven!

We love you Nona!