Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feather Tree

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Come and take a peek...

Come a little closer...

It's getting cold outside, please come in...

See the pretty feather tree, I made it just for you.

I have always admired these as they sit on the store shelves during this time of year,
however... I am very frugal (cheap) and shelling out big bucks for something
I use during one month out of the year is very difficult for me
I made one!

You need:
 one Styrofoam cone (the size will determine the size of your tree)
2 to 3 packs of feathers

Using the longer feathers from the pack
I started at the bottom of the cone
and layer by layer I worked my way to the top!
(Someone made a comment about gluing the feathers in,
good news... no glue!  The strong end of the feathers easily
push into the Styrofoam! )

I used white feathers, but imagine it pink or silver...

My dining room is just beginning to look a little bit like Christmas.
Soon there will be boughs and antique bulbs on the chandelier.
and Christmas tablescapes galore..

Candlelight and sparkles...

Thank you for visiting with me today!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

My Giving Thanks list:

My Husband...

My Kids...

My Parents...

Our Family...

My list could go on and on and on
My Grandmas,
and each of you!

Thank you for all your support for and encouragement during these past few months!

Dee Dee

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Initial Bling

I've been looking for an initial for my fire place mantle.
I wanted something fairly large, unique and inexpensive.
I found a great mdf "B" at Hobby Lobby.
It was the right size and only cost me a $1.99.
It was very flat and uninteresting.
I racked my tired brain to see what I could add to make it "unique" and came up with buttons.

I started with the unfinished "B"...

Painted it with several coats of white acrylic paint...

I then decided to lay out the buttons.
I used my low heat glue gun to apply each button,
 making adjustment as needed.

Finally, it was ready to put on my mantle!
The buttons add just the right amount of sparkle, depth and fun!

Notice the little bird... it was my $1 thrift store find on Friday.

This project was very simple and could be done with any color buttons
blue, black, pink, brown... the possibilities are endless!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Art Work Friday #10

Animal Drawings!

These are two of my drawings.
The dog above was my husband's childhood dog, Dutchess.

I had to adjust the flash not to get a shine, so my photo turned blue!

This is a cat that my daughter would love to have,

but due to family allergies can't have.

Thanks for joining me today for Artwork Friday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Evening Snack

Did anyone say Monkey Bread?

My daughter, Madison, has been begging to make monkey bread.

So I went on line and found an easy recipe for us to try!

We made a half batch, so we used a loaf pan instead of our bundt pan.

Doesn't that look yummy!

Of course, we had to set a colorful table!

And we just had to use the "special" plate ...

What would monkey bread be without some ice cold milk!

Hot from the oven...

Aren't these napkins just cute? My Mom brought them back from a trip to Asia!

We saved you a piece!
Thank you for joining me for Tablescape Thursday.
Thank you to Susan our gracious host at Between Naps on the Porch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team Work

This fall has brought on a bunch of "Firsts" for me.
One of which is the value of team work.
My son, Zac, has never been the overly team athletic type child.
He enjoys more of the individual sports... skateboarding, golf, running etc...
This year, as a freshman in high school, he had the opportunity to join the marching band.
Our marching band is considered, for lack of better words... a competitive sport.
Practice started the day after summer break started.
A three day, all day, mini camp...
Practice every Thursday evening through June and July...
A week of away camp first week in August...
A week of home camp second week in August...
Practice every morning from then to the start of school...
Once school started,
Practice averaging 3 times a week (more on weeks of football games or competitions)
Our Band was in six competitions.
Including ...One in St Louis and
One in Indianapolis
Zac started out the year tired and slightly unmotivated but,
about the time they took their first road to to St. Louis,
he had a new found respect for this commitment.
And I will never forget the conversation I had with him just this past weekend after their semi-finals performance... My child had tears for joy over the sheer awe of the moment.

The kids had worked so long and hard and had delivered a FANTASTIC performance.
For all the seniors, this was their last time to march with this team.
Zac ended his year anxious to do it all again next year.
I'm already hearing the woos,
"What will I do with all my free time between now and then?"
What would make one want to give up weekends, summers, weekdays???
I think it has to do with feeling part of something bigger than yourself, an accomplishment that is only achieved when you work together as a team.
I am so proud of Zac this year, pushing beyond what he thought he could give!
Way to go buddy!

The William Mason Highschool marching band placed 20th out of 91 bands, at Grand Nationals in Indianapolis this past weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Saying Hi!
This has been a crazy week.
Everything from hosting a HUGE ladies event.. to a
computer virus... to a
great day and 1 1/2 in Indianapolis watching my son in the Band of America Grand National Competition!
And the list could go on.
I missed all of you and just wanted to say HI!

My Feet covered with Henna Art from the Summer!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Work Friday #9

Happy Friday!
This beautiful piece was recently completed by my husband a few weeks ago.
The piece was done in oils and should be dry enough to hang soon!
He used lots of orange to match with our orange accent wall in our basement.
I can't wait to see it displayed downstairs.
Thank you for joining me today!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Breakfast Table

Welcome to my Breakfast Table

Once again, the "black and cream tablescape" I started out creating metamorphosed into this cheerful Breakfast Scape!
I do have to wonder how that happens...!

My green centerpiece bowl is a hand-me-down from my Grandma.
If you have visited my blog before you have probably seen many wonderful hand-me-downs from Grandma Friend. (Yes, Friend is really her last name, isn't that so sweet!)
I treasure each of her special gifts to me.

I have filled the bowl with seasonal pine cones, gourds and candle!
After all it is fall!
Today's pop of color is an unexpected blue!

Espresso anyone?

Each colorful espresso cup is paired with one of my tiny teaspoons.

My collection of teaspoons are all loving gifts my mom has collected from

her travels around the world.

Each one is unique in size and design!

The stemware came from my local thrift store last week.
It was sale day on all Bric! (Yes, I confess, I did have to inquire what was meant by Bric.)

All four pieces cost me under two dollars!

The table runner is actually two tea towels laid end to end!

I think the pattern and colors are just perfect for today's table.
My sister brought these back for me from her trip to St. Lucia's.
I think these are so beautiful!

This is a toast caddy!
Mom brought this back to me from England.
This piece is most often used in my office to hold greeting cards.

My antique "cow" butter dish is another hand-me-down from Grandma Friend.

The small white pitcher is a thrift store item that I've had for years.

Morning light is dawning!
I wish each of you a blessed day!

Thank you for joining me today!

Thank you to Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week!