Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At "Camp"

This week I'm spending more time with

one of these

one of these

one of these....

one of these!

Which means I'm not spending time on

one of these.

So if I don't get to your blog this week,
If I don't have the extra minute to comment...
I do care
I do miss you all!

Can't wait to tell you all about my week!

PS. Happy Birthday Wishes to
Aunt Judy

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buy Me!

Thank you so much for all your sweet inquiries
regarding the showing and selling of my current home!
In spite of the current "buyers market",
we have been receiving a high volume of requests
for showings and open houses!
We have landed on more than one list as
"final two or three"
and as I write this there are currently two
families very interested in making an offer.
As my real estate agent keeps saying
"it only takes one"...
Wayne and I keep saying..
"always the bridesmaid, never the bride!"
(I guess I need to take on my Realtors super positive outlook!)

I thought I might take this opportunity
to show you around part of the first floor!
This is the dining room!
From this angle you can see the front door in the two story entry.
The Dining room is separated from the
entry and hall via columns.
Taking a few steps forward from the last picture
you can see from left to right:
the door to the left of the bathroom goes to the guest room,
the first floor bathroom,
the steps going downstairs,
the entry with the steps going upstairs,
and behind the steps is ...
our small Living Room!
( Note to self...
I must really do something about that ugly black lamp cord!)
A close up of the first floor bathroom!
This bathroom has a door that attaches it to the guest room
and contains a wonderful walk in shower.
(It's where we bath the big dogs!)
I love the new mirror we found at Home Goods!
The kitchen is at the back of the house.
To see the recent changes click here!
Behind the kitchen is the morning/ breakfast room.
And off the kitchen is the family room!
To see the changes made in this room, click here!
Rounding out the tour is the first floor laundry room.
(we have a second one in the basement)
To see the changes we made in this room, click here!

We designed the house to be open,
inorder to entertain my large extended family!

So there you have it...
Want to make an offer? 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainy Day, Sunny Day

Rainy Day... Sunny Day
That explains the weekend to a T!
Wayne and I were up early
 (very unusual for us on the weekend)
so off to Lowe's to get mulch and bushes
to help spruce up the backyard of our home that
we have "up for sale".
We start to mulch and it starts to sprinkle!
We cut down our seasonal grasses and it is still sprinkling!
We pull up the dead bushes and it starts raining harder!
We dig bigger holes to plant the arborvitae
and by this time I'm asking Wayne
"Honey, is that Thunder?"
I wish I would have thought to take a photo of me
when we were thru....
I was extremely dirty and sopping wet!
Saturday afternoon, while were were having a showing,
we took a quick ride to Mom's to borrow
her white bench, new umbrella,
and sweet little swing bird feeder
to help round out the staging in the backyard!
Thanks Mom for sharing!
(The things I'm willing to try, to get this house sold!)
Sunday (today) was record high and sunny!
We had church in the morning and an
Open House scheduled for the afternoon.
I hope you day was as beautiful as mine!

We have taken the last two weekends from
working at our new home, The Provision.
Both weekends were spent doing yard work
at the current house and The Cottage!

We have BIG plans for this coming
 weekend and following week
at The Provision.
Hint..... it will involve one of these!

Have a wonderful week!

ps.... the flowers are from our yard at The Provision

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 Happy 16 Birthday Zac

Time flies when you have kids.
They start out with tiny feet and hands...
and before you know it...
they grow up!

My mom went all out to help make Zac's birthday
extra special, planning a surprise party for him!
It was a wonderful family celebration
honoring the first 16 years of one special young man!
Zac and his yummy cake!

Mom thought of everything...
Zac's tiny feet and hands,
food in the shape of cars
(he is 16, after all),
festive plates and silverware
and to top it all off
a fun sleepover
with cousins!

Thanks mom for helping make
 Zac's birthday memorible!

I love you Zac!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cottage Landscaping

This past week was Spring Break for the kids,
so not alot of work took place at The Provision.
 between celebrating Zac's 16th Birthday,
a showing on our home for sale,
and generally crazy weekend schedule...
we took some time to work on the exterior of the Cottage.
Here is the listing photo of the cottage
before we purchased it 4 months ago!
Besides the rose bush in the front and the bush
beside the front porch, very little had been done
in the way of landscaping or curb appeal.
Here is another before photo of the home in January.
It was high time to add some new beds and plants
to the landscaping!
We added mini box woods along the side walk leading to the front door!
We also added landscape lights, hopefully to
light the path in the evening!

We continued the bed across the front of the Cottage,
incorporating the round iron container
previously "floating" in the front yard.

We planted three of these "mop tops" along the front beds!
Ending with a forsythia at the corner of the house!
We also decided to add some shutters to the front left
window and to the two windows along the "door"
side of the house!
We also took advantage of the nicer weather
and power washed the front and door side of the house!
Both the "mamma goose" and "baby goose" were decked
out for the soaking.
We are debating as to paint the awnings or not.
Maybe white?  Any thoughts?
As stated before, we added shutters to the "door side of the house too!
What a difference a little power washing does...
good bye build-up of green mildew!
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over at Between Naps on the Porch.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicken Pesto Pizza

My family loves pizza!
A few years ago,
 we discovered Trader Joe's
refrigerated premade pizza dough!
It makes a great base for our creativity!
Using items we had on hand we made
Chicken Pesto Pizza!
Dough (we use Trader Joe's)
Pesto (we used a package of Knorr)
Fresh Tomatoes
Grilled Peppers
Chicken (leftovers)
Mozzarella Cheese
 (or cheese of your choice)
Easy Instructions:
Allow dough to become room temperature.
Roll out dough onto cookie sheet or pizza pan.
Make pesto (if using a mix).
Spread pesto on top of pizza dough.
Add toppings.
Top with cheese!
Bake according to instructions on dough package!
Eat and enjoy!

We ate it so fast I neglected to take a photo after it
came out of the oven!

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