Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thrift Store Find =

Last Friday
 I had one of those "becoming rare" opportunities
to run by the local thrift store.

I was thrilled to find a fantastic bargain!
In fact, I was so excited to find
this bargain, that I neglected to take the often forgotten
"before photo!"

Instead I arrived home and immediately
scrubbed my "bargain" in anticipation
of a "new family member"!

My bargain consisted of:
one 10 gallon aquarium
one lid
2 wheels
1 food dish
1 water bottle with holder
1 wooden barrel
a plastic exercise ball
all for the
low price of

It was one of those purchases that I made
knowing full well, if Wayne (who was out of town)
was not on board, I would have to donate it right back again.
Here I am calling Wayne,
"Hey Hon, I just bought something from the thrift store
that now requires a purchase of something alive to go in it!"
Thankfully Wayne was on board and
the kids (and I) were thrilled to get a new pet!

off to the pet store to pick our newest family member!
And we came home with.....
Really.... the kids could not agree on
a hamster. 
Although, surprisingly, we were able to narrow it down to 2!
We decided to let Wayne cast the deciding vote!
I'm happy to announce we finally decided on a sweet
Golden-Teddy mix
that we named Cubbie!
He has been a wonderful addition!
No biting, No nipping, No jumping out of our hands!
Now hopefully,
we can keep this sweet fellow alive and well
for his predicted year to two life span!


Judy@judyfriendphotography.com said...

So cute. I prefer hamsters over gerbils...it's fuzzy, cute and hamsters have no tail to speak of, so they do not remind me of mice! Glad to hear that he is not biting! Jude

Anonymous said...

so cute! can't wait to get the kids over there to meet the little guy!!!

Sue said...

He's really cute. We never had hamsters etc. for the kids. We did fish and a dog...always a dog for us. I think you did get a great buy!

Katie said...

That is a great Bargain Dee Dee. I didn't realize hamster only live 1 to 2 years????? That is just terrible! On the Movie G force, they are the most adorably intelligent little creatures ;)

Christine said...

What a great move. Buy the aquarium, THEN break the news about "who's coming for dinner"!
And he is very cute! Nobody could say no to him.
Looks like he fits right in!

Wendy said...

He is so cute! I love the picture of him in his food bowl! Does he love his wheel? I remember when I was little their favorite time to run on the wheel was the middle of the night! Have fun!!