Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Little Green Sticker

We passed inspection...
and things have been moving ahead full speed!

The minute the green sticker went up,
our insulation contractor was ready to go!
It was fun to see how the insulation changed the open walls
into rooms!

It took only one day to insulate the whole house!
If it had been up to Wayne and I to complete,
it would have taken a solid week.
The following day we once again passed
the insulation inspection....
meaning we were ready for
It was amazing to see the large truck with the boom
 lift the drywall to the side door!

With the addition of the drywall...
I feel like we have come full circle!
Living Room as it looks with new drywall.
Same wall prior to buying the house.
While we hemmed and hawed over loosing the
original door arches,
in the end we are happy with the new look!
The front windows in the living room
were slightly enlarged,
allowing for more light to fill the room!
Same windows.... Before.
Still in the living room,
this is a view of the fireplace wall.
Wayne and I bought the mantel almost 18 years ago
and have used it as a headboard in our guest room
all that time!
How exciting that it has finally found a permanent home!
This is the before photo of the same wall!
We removed the fireplace surround, freeing up space
to widen the entry and reorientate the stairs
from the side door to this room!
This will be the the new powder room.
Our Master Bedroom
And to think it started off as this!
What a difference a set of windows
and 3 feet of additional space makes!
This is the same room looking from the windows
towards the new master bathroom.
A closer look into our master bathroom
and the far window is what
will be our walk in closet.
The great room as it looks today!
The same view before buying the house.
We took out the two sets of "industrial french doors"
and replaced them with one set of full glass paneled
doors centered in the room
 and two sets of double windows on either side.
Looking to the left in the same room
will soon be the location of the new kitchen.
Same view of the original kitchen!
Another view of the kitchen,
and side door beyond.
Turn around in the great room,
 and look out towards the living room
the closet on the right will be the pantry
and the one on the left will be a built in desk.
Upstairs the new bedroom walls now create
a new hang out spot for the kids on the old landing.
Madison's Bedroom
Same room before.
We removed the bathroom and old closet
which almost doubled the size.
Same room.
The holes in the floor
were from the original bathroom,
The door on the left is the entrance to
her new walk in closet.
Madison's closet!

Things are rolling along.
The drywall contractor will be mudding, taping and sanding
for the next two weeks.
Wayne and I will be busy checking off the long list of
todo's ... including:
tiling the floors, showers and back splashes
painting... everything
laying new wood floor in the great room
sanding the old cabinets
adding trim to windows and floors

Monday, August 1, 2011


These past three weeks have been
busy with the onset of our
Trade work!
New Duct Work
New Pipes
New Gas Line
(Energy Company)
And not pictured....
New Wiring!
I been working on the old claw foot tub!
And "helping" Wayne build the banister!
The front door has been hung....
but still needs to be painted
and new hardware installed!
Interior doors are just waiting to be hung!
I love the new doors!
And thanks to one of my carpenters....
I will now need to add landscaping to the
list of things to be done sooner than later!
(He cut all the hedge in front of the triple window down!)
On the orchard front....
We have had some visitors!
Our rough in inspection is at 9am tomorrow morning!
We are praying for a clean inspection!
Then come insulation
and if all goes well......
DRYWALL starts on Saturday!

Just wanted to give you a quick update!
Hope you have a great week!