Monday, February 28, 2011

Where I've Been

I never know the paths that God
has for my family and me,
but lately...
 we are learning
how to walk by

It all started back in November, when God
answered some heart felt prayers
and led us to this beautiful cottage.
The month of December was spent
applying for financing and we closed
on this place on December 15th.
We spent the next month
knee deep in paint
changing the interior from
And from this...
(for more before and afters see

All this in time, to move the in-laws
into the cottage mid January!

About a year ago,
I sensed God opening my heart to downsizing
from our 5000sq ft home...
to something smaller,
allowing us to be or almost be debt free.
Wayne and I started praying for unity
and started to explore our options.

Our ideal wish list included:
a home with character
walking distance from school
walking distance from town
walking distance to parks
an inviting yard
... to name a few!

We toured several different places
but either the places we saw
weren't set up for our lifestyle,
were one room too small,
or we did not feel
God's open door.
This home came closest to our wish list,
but for reason's, we could not understand
at the time...,
God did not open this door either.

One evening, I was driving down a back
street in our little "downtown"
and saw a sign in front of a home
announcing an Interiors Auction.
Thru God's prompting...
I drove Wayne by the house later that week.
By this time, the auction had already taken
place and the auction sign was already removed.
Once again, God prompted me to
investigate if the home was for sale.
Now, I must confess.... I tried to pass this
phone call off to Wayne.
All I kept saying to myself...
these owners are going to think I'm crazy
"Excuse me but is this home for sale?"

As it turned out, later that week I passed by the home
on Sunday and there
was a car parked in front of the home.
I continued on, until that "Prompting Voice" in my head
screamed "go back and ask".
I steeled my nerve and approached
the front door and knocked.
A sweet older lady answered the door,
and I asked...
"Excuse me but is this house for sale?"
Yes, the lady who answered the door
was the neighbor and relative.
By that evening both the neighbor
and the auctioneer/ listing agent
had called our house
and an appointment had been set
to tour the home on Tuesday.
Not even two weeks later,
we had put an offer in on the home
and were stunned to hear it was accepted!
We spent January and up till
last week dealing with the financing.
Once again, God has opened more doors.
Even two weeks ago,
due to an error on the banks part,
we were told our loan
was denied.
God is teaching me that He is in control, and
I have little to no control over anything.
But, only because He opens doors..
Wayne and I closed on our new home
on Thursday!
(I just love the new key Wayne made for me!)

Our New Home
The Provision at West Bay

The wish list was exceeded in so many ways!
Our new home is in town!
It is within walking distance from
school, the community center, parks,
great local restaurants, even our church!
Not only does it fit our desired size requirement,
but God has blessed us with a beautiful
property surrounding the home!
We have 1.65 acres with
a beautiful orchard.
At the rear of the property run a wonderful creek!
Another lesson that I'm learning...
God's blessings sometimes take work on our part!
Wait till you see the inside!
Major gut job!
Enough posts to keep me busy for the year!

Now we just need to get 
 this house sold!
We spent two weeks preparing our current home for market.
I hope to be sharing some photos with you soon!

So for those wondering were I've been...
knee deep in homes,
runny noses
and clinging to God!

I'm looking forward to sharing befores
and afters of our new place.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Birthday Wish

My "baby" is now officially a teenager.
Madison turned 13 on Monday and celebrated
with 3 of her closest friends!
They went for pizza,
played "Monster Golf",
back home for cake,
movie and a sleepover.
(Madison on right)
God has blessed me with such a wonderful daughter.
I have seen her develop aspiring traits
love for family,
care for friends,
passion for the written word,
a helping attitude,
artistic and creative aptitudes!
My heart is warmed when I see
her beautiful smile!
I continue to look forward
to watching her grow
and develop into
the wonderful and beautiful young woman
with a sweet heart for others and God!

I look forward to many more years
of creative writings and
pray that one day
 her dreams
will all come true.

I pray that she will continue
to walk with God,
and that He will lead her
to heights of joy!

Happy Birthday, my dear!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Following in My Footsteps

I'm so excited
Zac (my soon to be 16 year old)
 got a job for the summer!

No, not in Paris...
but at our local amusement park
If you are old enough to remember
the Brady Bunch, they filmed
their amusement park show at Kings Island
 back in 1973!
(so I date myself)

My first job was also at Kings Island!
I worked a total of 3 summers
as a rides operator.

Funny enough,
 Zac will also be working rides.
He has already chosen his crew
and will be working on

The Crypt.
This ride was formerly known as
Tomb Raider, but the name was
changed a few years ago when the park
was sold from Paramount
back to Cedar Fair.
His reasoning for picking this ride...
it's inside
(air conditioning and
 staying dry in rain!)
Smart Boy!

As a side note (and because I've gone up the
Kings Island Eiffel Tower countless times)
this is a 1/3 sized replica of the
real Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
And for me, that's high enough!

All photos are from the Internet!

A Wish

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Huge Thank You

One of the best treasures about blogging has been
I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet
and get to know so many wonderful and talented people!
Each one of you are richly unique and lovely!
For the past year, my blog friends
names have been spoken around my house
on an almost daily basis! 
I have been blessed to lift so many up in prayer
and likewise have been blessed by many of your prayers.

I love following
 the lives of families,
the births of babies,
the pursuit of dreams,
the yummy recipes,
the creative projects,
and on
and on!

Each of you are a blessing to me!

One such blogger is my friend Christine
over at Vista Women.
Christine is such an example of God's
hands and feet here on earth.
She is always looking for creative ways to lift up others.
Her positive and sweet ways spill over
 to her family, friends, work associates
and the lives of all the high schoolers she
touches daily at work.
Right before Christmas I received a surprise
package in the mail.
It was from Christine!
I opened it and to my delight she had
made me a wonderful new apron!
I love aprons!
She creatively made this from a tea towel!
It even has a handy pocket sewn in around the top!
It not only matches my kitchen, but also Mom's!
(in photo above!)
Close up of the cupcake decal, isn't it adorable!

Thank you Christine for this gift!
I have been blessed!

Thank you to each of you for your gift of friendship!
Stay warm and have a great day!