Monday, March 1, 2010

Shout Out #2

I started and finished a project today!
See my sweater pillow below!
Wait to you check out the blogger who inspired me!
Allow me to introduce you to Wendy at
Wendy has such a wonderful eye for thrift store finds.
She paid just $6.00 for this dreamy iron stone pitcher.
Wendy creatively transformed this...
into ...
this!  See Here...
Looks like it came straight from the Pottery Barn!
And if you want to see how I made my little project today..
(my sweater pillow)
See my inspiration...
Wendy's Pillows
She has a fantastic tutorial here...!
Another interesting fact about Wendy...
She is married to a chef, Tony.
Lucky Wendy!
Tony is so gracious each week to share some of his
amazing recipes....
From Petite Chocolate Espresso Gan aches
see here..
mouth watering paninis!
One last look at one of Wendy's splendid creations!
I am sure you would enjoy your visit at Relatively Unique!
Wendy (& Tony), thank you for inspiring me each week!


Destination Seaborn said...

Oh goodness! There's so much eye candy! Your pillow looks great and her book shelf is awesome! I'm going to head over and check out those cups of chocolate. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat how she made the book case. And the sweater pillow too. That would be a great idea for a sweater that has been outgrown. And those panini's look delicious!

Jeanette said...

Everything looks so lovely. You did a great job on your pillow.

Katie said...

The pillow looks great, what a creative idea! Your are such an encouraging Woman, I love that you share others blogs with us!!

Wendy said...

Dee Dee...first I love your pillow! It looks like it is right from Pottery Barn! I love how you left the buttons on the front! I am going to have to go to GoodWill tomorrow for a button up sweater!!
Thank you for the shout out! You are so sweet!! I am so happy to have meet you and enjoy getting to know you! Thanks for the friendship!

Wendy said...

Me again...I tried to find an email address. I have a question for you or I should say an invite. Could you send me an email through my email. Gosh....that sounds confussing :)

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Ooo! I love all of the pictures. I want to make a sweater pillow. Your is so wonderful.

Karen said...

Love the pillow. You did a great job & in only 1 day? Love fast projects. NG

Christine said...

Looks like you found a "Gold Mine" with Wendy's blog! Thanks for sharing.

Was the sweater pillow easy? You sure make it look easy.

Sue said...

You did great with the pillow. I love the pictures from Wendy's blog...thanks for the heads up!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Dee Dee,
I just called my niece's house in Cleveland today. I was born in Columbus. My dad went to Ohio State. Thanks for the sweet comment. Our house was a very un-loved, foreclosure. It sat empty for about 3-4 years. So when we got it,(for a good price) it needed a lot of WORK! The yards were like a haunted house. The inside was falling apart. We've been working on it for a year and a half now.
We have our huge list for this spring too. The projects are so major, we have to take them a little at a time. I think it's about 8-10 years old. Conflicting stories.

And yes, the kitchen was one of the projects. We gutted it and started over. I guess you could say I designed it. Also new floors throughout the whole first floor. I sanded and re-stained the stairs. Remodeled the master bathroom, replaced the liner in the pool... it never ends with this place!!! Next is 2 sets of french doors, and new front double door, paint the outside... Did you see "The Money Pit"? I didn't and don't want to. I might cry!!

Katie said...

Dee Dee, in response. The recipe is so simple.
Layer your cooked ziti noodles with a mixture of sour cream & cream cheese & shredded cheese. I put ground turkey & italian sausage in my sauce & layer that as well. Bake on 350 degrees for an hour!

Maria said...

Hi DeeDee! I'm visiting here from Bluebird Notes! What a great blog you have! I've enjoyed this post very much~ Your pictures are great... I also popped over to Wendy's. I must ask her about her stairs... they're gorgeous...

Love the sweater pillow idea. It must be such a cozy pillow to use ~ I'll certainly be back for more visits ~

honeysuckle said...

DeeDee, I love your pillow and the whole idea of recycling! I bought a scarf at a very darling boutique and it was made of 5 different sweater designs cut the width of a scarf and just zip zagged on the edges. Your pillow reminds me of that. If there is any left you could see what else you could make from the left overs! Thanks.

Rettabug said...

DeeDee, these are some awesome items & I want to thank you for the wonderful links! Great ideas on some really super blogs. I've bookmarked them for future perusal.

Thanks for visiting the Gazebo House. I appreciate your artistic input all the time.


Jane said...

You did a great job making that pillow...I love the creamy white.
Thanks for the heads up on Wendy's blog, I'll go check it out!