Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Work Friday

Yarn Graffiti Art

A few weeks ago the kids and I headed out on an adventure.
We found a fun artsy town and I was
thrilled to see Yarn Graffiti Art
covering many of the towns benches, trees, sign posts, etc...
Part of the reason for my excitement was last year at this
time I was able to participate in a large
yarn graffiti art installation in Indianapolis.
Now honestly before this opportunity,
I had never heard of yarn graffiti.

Remember my wonderful friend Elyce?
(Elyce & Wayne)

She is a huge part of the art scene in Indianapolis!
During this gallery open house she was asked to
assemble a theme and team to produce
a large yarn graffiti art piece for the stairwell.

I can knit, my sister can knit so we jumped on the chance
to be part of something this creative.

It was decided to represent the seasons on each
part of the stairs.
My sister and I had the job of "spring base"
and "fall base".

First Spring....
We decided to create a variegated grass
by using a variety of greens and textures.
I love the way the "flowers" look like
they are growing out of the "grass"!

Then summer...
which was created against the landing window.
See the yellow pom poms (aka stars)!
(I helped make those too!)

Then fall...
For the base I decided to create a patchwork base
to resemble fall leaves!
My sister and I knitted small 4 x 4 squares,
which I then sewed together to complete the base.
I love the way they assembled the piece
with actual tree limbs and pom pom falling leaves!

At last Winter...
complete with falling pom pom snow!

Here is the stair well from above!

My Yarn Graffiti alternative identity!

I know that this is probably very different art from
what I normally share, however, I probably spent
more combined hours on this project than
anything I've ever done before!

Thank you for joining me today!
if you have anything you would like to share
(see anything really means anything!)
Please link below!


Wendy said...

This is great and even more impressive since I can't knit...although would love to learn! Would you ever consider showing us a tutorial? It is great how art comes in all forms!
Happy Friday!
Wendy said...

How cool is that! Jude

Christine said...

First of all, I really thought the Yarn Gaffiti in town was really fun.
But this art work for the stairwell is outstanding! I don't which I like better, the spring or fall.
How nice of you to support Elyce and have fun doing so. Creativty must run in the family!
This is a perfect example of Art Work Friday and showing love at the same time.

Sue said...

I decided to read 5 blogs tonight. I hate knowing I'm missing so many things...blogging has become my addiction and I miss it, but I'm just too tired...even though the hospital has WiFi. I love this yarn art stuff...would love to see some in person.

I really just wanted to thank you for the prayers for my mom. There are no words for how hard this has been and the prayers have really helped. She is doing better and is out of ICU today and can eat regular food (she isn't, the hospital food is yuck, but she will drink Panera smoothies). She is too weak to stand and that frustrates her, she also has a huge war to wage once she gets stronger...but, she is very determined. We'll get through it.


Michelle said...

How neat is that! I've never heard of yarn graffiti before. My favorite is the fall---love the colors.