Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I'm fully convinced that parenting
is like jumping off the high dive.

If children came with manuals
you could read up,
practice, practice, practice
and eventually if you read enough
practice enough
you would parent like an "expert".
Much like the skill and practice that went into a dive like this.

However, kids do not come with manuals
(at least mine didn't)!
I have found that each child is unique.
Each child requires their own set of individual instructions.
Each child reacts and interacts according to how
they personally view the world around them.
What works great for one child,
might fail miserably with the next.

So with enough practice by trial we may
perfect an occasional swan dive.
Those moments where we feel like as parents
we are making a difference...
encouraging growth...
soothing a wound...
rising above.

And there are days
that in spite of the practice,
in spite of the successes..
in spite of everything...
you feel like you have done nothing right.
That's right...
we belly flop!

It's after a day like this that I realize...
I must work through the pain of a stinging belly...
Climb back up on the parenting board
Breath in..
Hold my breath..
Say a prayer..


corners of my life said...

Hang in there. Luckily children only grow one day at a time just like your parenting skills so you can at least "keep up". Be sure to enjoy the journey and don't look too far ahead. They just want to beloved.

Wendy said...

My neighbors and I were just talking today about enjoying the journey...
It would be nice if they came with instructions, but each one is so different! Hope tomorrow brings a perfect swan dive for you :)

Destination Seaborn said...

I agree with you completely. However, I think belly flops are just part of the learning process. We learn all the ways NOT to do something! Hang in there..I know you're a great parent and after today you're going to be even better. ((HUGS)) Lisa

Katie said...

Isn't that the truth, each child is unique!!

I have a hunch that you are truly AN AMAZING MOTHER DEE DEE!!!

Sue said...

You said that perfectly. We even had one of ours (after we thought we had safely raised them) make us feel as if we were drowning for a few years. It never really ends, no matter how old they get.

Peg said...

Your post today and mine are kind of like a Before and After. As I look back on my youngest daughter's 28th birthday, I remember only the good times... not that there weren't any "belly flops" along the way, but because the fun memories always overshadow them. Remember, they WILL grow up and they MAY move far away... so ENJOY every day of every age. It'll go by SO FAST!!!