Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art Work Friday

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Art Work Friday!

I want to show you a photo that has
recently surfaced on my Face book home page.
Many comments were being tossed back and
forth among the those in the photo.

When was this taken?
What were we doing?
Where were we at?
We don't look like we've aged a bit!

You get the idea....
Here is the photo...

 Now, I could answer these questions...
This was the night of my Birthday.
These are my wonderful college friends.
This was in the ground floor of my dormitory.
And no we haven't aged a bit!

But another reason I knew this picture was
because all those many years ago
I recorded the same photo in watercolor!

Now before you get onto to me...
I left it unfinished on purpose.
( I was a suffering perfectionist,
always afraid to finish projects
for fear I'd mess up!)
I titled the work "Us".

I've introduced you to Elyce(far right) and Ken(bandanna back).
I think you can tell it's me at the bottom!
Wayne (my hubby) is second from the right!

Thank you for all those sharing you work today!
I am inspired by both your visits and your posts!


Katie said...

what a Beautiful Watercolor you turned that photo into!! I had a painting done of my Wedding & I love it to pieces, so much more than the photos!

Christine said...

You have great hair!!

Jane said...

How fun is that? So cool to have the picture and the watercolor that you made. Sounds like you still keep in touch with everyone.

Sue said...

Your husband looks like he's 12 in this picture! It is funny how all college photos, no matter the college, no matter the year...all look about the same! It is really cool you have the artwork to match.

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Dee Dee,
I'm glad I came by today. Do you hang the watercolor, or store it safely away? What a fun way to record a memory, with that wonerful painting.

Peg said...

I think I've said it before, but I REALLY like art that involves a happy memory. Yours captures a moment in time when you were young and having fun with friends. It's very special. And on the artist side, I would have been afraid to finish it too... all those faces! No way!!! I'm glad you've saved it.

Katie said...

Hi Dee Dee, It's the 13th. And even though I'm grown, I still love to celebrate it ;)
Happy Friday!

Wendy said...

What a happy and fun picture! The watercolor is so pretty. You are very talented! Looks like a fun time in college!
Wendy :)

Karen said...

wow, that pic is so cute & that is so cool you did the watercolor of it. great job dee dee! have a nice weekend. ng.

Michelle said...

It's wonderful how you're able to preserve your memories through art. You always do a terrific job telling a story with a brush!

The unfinished faces give it a hint of mystery, as if each person's story had yet to be told.'s neat how you and your hubby have the same paint color for hair---adding an element of togetherness whether it was painted intentionally that way or not. I I can hardly wait for next Friday to see what's next!

corners of my life said...

When I think of college dorm memories, first I blush and then I smile. Sometimes I miss those days, sometimes not so much.

Jeanette said...

You are so talented. What a wonderful way to be able to remember such an incredible time of your life