Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 14th Madison

Happy Birthday Madison!

It is hard to believe that my "baby" turns 14 today!
It seem like only yesterday that I was toting her around
in her pumpkin seat.......
It has been such a joy watching her grow
from a sweet little baby to a
beautiful young lady!
When removing my Valentine's display from the mantel,
I quickly decided to replace the display with items
 to honor my birthday girl!
I think she was in second grade when I had
this photo taken!
Sprinkled around the mantel are her
 adorable handmade Duct Tape Flowers.
Displayed in the lantern is an "animal"
she made when she was in  fourth grade.
It is now a mystery animal because
we (including Madison) can not remember
what it is supposed to be!
The print of the bicycle was made
in 7th grade art class last year!
Madison painted this excellent graphic tree
over this past weekend!
I love the contrast of the dark vs the light!
A few summers ago we took a family trip to Boston.
I love this photo of Madison walking the
freedom trail after a rain storm.
It is a reminder how I must let her go
little by little as she walk the road
God has placed in front of her.
What a joy you are to us!
Your laughter is contagious...
Your smile is too!
I've seen you blossom into a responsible
and loving young lady!
Your artistic talent is a gift from God!
I have seen you make positive choices
in the friends you make!
As you continue to grow and mature
may you look to God as your source
of direction!
May you hold firm to the path
He lays before you.
May He bless you!
Happy Birthday my dear....
I love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Madison!!!! Love bunches, Uncle Dale and Aunt Theta said...

Happy Birthday Madison!!! I love the tree you painted. That would be something I would buy to hang with my other black and white pictures!! Hope you enjoy your day and remember eat lots of cake!!! Love you...Aunt Judy and Uncle Bud...and of course the dogs.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Madison!

Dee Dee, I love how you honor Madison with displaying "her".
What a thrill to see her artistic ablities.

Happy Birthday Madison!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! She looks to be as talented as you... How wonderful!
XO Cindy

Teresa said...

I love that picture of her walking down the street! Happy Birthday to your daughter and Happy Birth Day to you! : )

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! You are super talented.. just like your Mom!! It's funny I still think of her as the little flower girl in my wedding!! Have a GREAT Birthday! And I LOVE the birthday mantel!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! You are a lovely young lady and very crafty...and talented...I wonder who you get that from? lol

Sue said...

This was so nice and she must have been excited to see an entire mantel devoted to her. I can see that your talent is passing on to the next generation. She is quite the artist! My daughter is my sounds as if you also got lucky in the kiddo department! Happy Birthday Madison!

Ronda Batchelor said...

What a great idea, Happy birthday to your daughter.

Anonymous said...


I love this posting that your mom did in your honor. I have two funny stories to tell you about it. Remember to ask me, as my memory isn't the greatest any more.

You are a precious young lady.

Love, Grandma Gwyn

Michelle said...

What a beautiful the mantel display with all your treasures throughout the years. How thoughtful. Happy Birthday Madison!!!

corners of my life said...

What a lovely way to honor her birthday and her accomplishments.

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

Holy Cow Dee Dee...she is the spittin' image of you!! Happy Birthday to your sweet baby...and she must be following in her mama's footsteps with regard to her creativity! What wonderful keepsakes you have to record her life thus far! She will so treasure them as she goes through life. And I always feel that mom and dad deserve a nod whenever one of their babies turns another year are clearly doing an amazing job!!!