Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buy Me!

Thank you so much for all your sweet inquiries
regarding the showing and selling of my current home!
In spite of the current "buyers market",
we have been receiving a high volume of requests
for showings and open houses!
We have landed on more than one list as
"final two or three"
and as I write this there are currently two
families very interested in making an offer.
As my real estate agent keeps saying
"it only takes one"...
Wayne and I keep saying..
"always the bridesmaid, never the bride!"
(I guess I need to take on my Realtors super positive outlook!)

I thought I might take this opportunity
to show you around part of the first floor!
This is the dining room!
From this angle you can see the front door in the two story entry.
The Dining room is separated from the
entry and hall via columns.
Taking a few steps forward from the last picture
you can see from left to right:
the door to the left of the bathroom goes to the guest room,
the first floor bathroom,
the steps going downstairs,
the entry with the steps going upstairs,
and behind the steps is ...
our small Living Room!
( Note to self...
I must really do something about that ugly black lamp cord!)
A close up of the first floor bathroom!
This bathroom has a door that attaches it to the guest room
and contains a wonderful walk in shower.
(It's where we bath the big dogs!)
I love the new mirror we found at Home Goods!
The kitchen is at the back of the house.
To see the recent changes click here!
Behind the kitchen is the morning/ breakfast room.
And off the kitchen is the family room!
To see the changes made in this room, click here!
Rounding out the tour is the first floor laundry room.
(we have a second one in the basement)
To see the changes we made in this room, click here!

We designed the house to be open,
inorder to entertain my large extended family!

So there you have it...
Want to make an offer? 


Sue said...

It is beautiful house and I'm sure the new one will be just as beautiful (after you kill yourself for a year or so)! This would be so hard to give up...but, all those pretty grounds at the new place would be so wonderful and I get a feeling that you really like the process of changing things. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an offer.

Jane said...

It's a gorgeous home! I tell you, if I was looking for a home in Ohio I would make an offer!! I'm know you are anxious to get it sold and I'm sure it will happen soon.

Marci said...

What a beautiful house. I look forward to a few photos of the new one.

Thanks for your kind comments about my kitchen featured at 'Remodelaholic'. I hope you had a chance to stop in at


Christine said...

You will sell this home and be so happy that you posted these pictures.
You and Wayne have worked so hard to improve almost every room. Great taste and great style. Yes, you will be signing papers very soon.
I feel a "happy dance" coming on!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

Wow. Your house is beautiful!! Amazing.

How you tried burying St. Joseph?? I was willing to try anything...including buying a mini-St. Joseph. I brought him home...dropped him on the kitchen counter and his head rolled under the stove....our house took 4 more months to if you go that careful. :P

Savannah Granny said...

You home is so beautiful. I know you will sell it soon. I know two people who have tired the St. Joseph thing and it worked. Go figure. Have a great week. Ginger :)

corners of my life said...

A true "homearama" showing. Beautiful.

Michelle said...

Dee Dee, your house is GORGEOUS! I would love to live there. Such great light coming in the breakfast room...I can almost see you painting in there. I hope you get lots of competition to drive the price up so you'll walk away with more at closing. Praying you will get a good, solid offer soon!

Ronda Batchelor said...

I love the trim and stairs in your home. It's lovely.

Kimmy said...

Can I buy your laundry room? Drool. Your home is beautiful!