Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 Happy 16 Birthday Zac

Time flies when you have kids.
They start out with tiny feet and hands...
and before you know it...
they grow up!

My mom went all out to help make Zac's birthday
extra special, planning a surprise party for him!
It was a wonderful family celebration
honoring the first 16 years of one special young man!
Zac and his yummy cake!

Mom thought of everything...
Zac's tiny feet and hands,
food in the shape of cars
(he is 16, after all),
festive plates and silverware
and to top it all off
a fun sleepover
with cousins!

Thanks mom for helping make
 Zac's birthday memorible!

I love you Zac!


Gloria said...

This isn't YOUR son, is it??? You look so young, you could be his SISTER!!! Well, if it is your boy, or whomever's boy he is (!) I wish him a happy birthday -- very handsome young man!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy birthday to Zac. My Zack will be 13 in October and my oldest will be 16 the same month. Was just talking today with a friend about how time flies. My how it flies! have a great rest of the week. :) Tammy

Christine said...

Wow! He looks great!
How nice of your mom to create such a special day for Zac. Those sandwiches crack me up. They are adorable.
From the looks of it, Zac seemed pleased and surprised. He sure has matured.

Happy Birthday Zac! And happy day to you DeeDee!

Savannah Granny said...

Happy Birthday ZAC. First I love the name and he looks like a wonderful young man. I know you are so proud of him. You are so right, time flies. I know you are determined to enjoy every minute of the fabulous wild ride.
You are blessed.
Thanks for visiting me. Hugs, Ginger

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Zac. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!!! Love bunches, Aunt Theta and Uncle Dale

rhymetime(aka Pat) said...

Looks like fun was had by all
As he is now all big and tall
The party must have been a pleasant surprise
Unless he new and was pretending to be unwise
To all the surrounds
And the stuff that abounds
So there is my little diddy for today
Poor old Christine sent me your way

corners of my life said...

Wow . . . what a handsome young man.
And . . . what a lucky young man to have such a creative/caring grandma.

Wendy said...

16yrs! Happy Birthday to Zac! It does go way to fast. It looks like a great birthday and a special time with cousins!

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

16. six teen. xvi. 20-4. 12+4. You are now old enough to drive jump in your Chrysler that sleeps about 20 and bring me some of that cake. Yuummy. Good job Mom! tomg

Michelle said...

Your mom sounds so sweet. Happy belated birthday to Zac. (((and good luck with teenage driving))) ;)

Kimmy said...

Pregnant mommy's should not read this post. I'm crying thinking about thoes tiny little baby feet and how fast it must have gone for you. He looks just like you, I bet you hear that a lot.