Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainy Day, Sunny Day

Rainy Day... Sunny Day
That explains the weekend to a T!
Wayne and I were up early
 (very unusual for us on the weekend)
so off to Lowe's to get mulch and bushes
to help spruce up the backyard of our home that
we have "up for sale".
We start to mulch and it starts to sprinkle!
We cut down our seasonal grasses and it is still sprinkling!
We pull up the dead bushes and it starts raining harder!
We dig bigger holes to plant the arborvitae
and by this time I'm asking Wayne
"Honey, is that Thunder?"
I wish I would have thought to take a photo of me
when we were thru....
I was extremely dirty and sopping wet!
Saturday afternoon, while were were having a showing,
we took a quick ride to Mom's to borrow
her white bench, new umbrella,
and sweet little swing bird feeder
to help round out the staging in the backyard!
Thanks Mom for sharing!
(The things I'm willing to try, to get this house sold!)
Sunday (today) was record high and sunny!
We had church in the morning and an
Open House scheduled for the afternoon.
I hope you day was as beautiful as mine!

We have taken the last two weekends from
working at our new home, The Provision.
Both weekends were spent doing yard work
at the current house and The Cottage!

We have BIG plans for this coming
 weekend and following week
at The Provision.
Hint..... it will involve one of these!

Have a wonderful week!

ps.... the flowers are from our yard at The Provision


Wendy said...

I hope your showings went well! Your back yard grass looks so lush and green! I spotted that birdfeeder swing. It is adorable. Looking forward to see what you have planned for the week! Looks like it is going to be exciting!

Jane said...

Yes, I hope your showings went well too! Keeping a house clean for showings is no fun. We moved way too many times and I hated having to have the house ready at a moments notice.
Anyway....the flowers are beautiful and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of The Provision.

Christine said...

Oh DeeDee... I'm praying for a fast sell!
I can't wait to see whats up for next weekend. A Dumpster? Wow! Big goings on!

Melissa said...

LOL! We chose to move 4 scoops of mulch on a rainy day. Note: when the mulch is wet it weighs A LOT more! hah!

Glad you got it finished and it looks fantastic! Two showings on the weekend..that's great!

Dumpster???? the basement has been emptied....? the Kitchen?

Sue said...

Oh, I hope you sell that house quickly. I want the hard work and the money for plants etc. to get to be put into the new house. There is nothing worse than having a house on the market...even more so when you want to spend your time at the new place. The daffodils are so pretty. We haven't put out any flowers (in pots) yet...we try to wait until May 1st in case of an unexpected freeze. said...

How did the showings go? By the way, where are those dogs? I miss seeing them. WOW...a dumpster....exciting changes are about to take place. Looking forward to next weeks update. Love you..Aunt Judy

michelle@decorandthedog said...

Hope the house selling moves fast for you. It's a tough process! Love those daffodils!

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

Dee Dee...I was so excited that you and Wayne were working in the rain. And then the umbrella word came out. Remember...In Seattle we do not use umbrellas, expecially when doing yard work.....Dang! make it to Seattle and Chris and I treat you and Wayne to
Moody Blues at St. Michelle Winery. We'll even put you up in our backyard! tomg

Michelle said...

I was going to comment on the swing feeder before you mentioned it. It gives it a nice touch. You and Wayne are tenacious...working overtime in the rain. It looks great!