Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Decor Galore!

 No matter how hard I try to be ahead of the game,
lately it seems like I'm one step behind!
Last week I worked so hard
to complete my office to post on
Metamorphosis Monday...
only to find out that last week was
solely dedicated to Christmas decor!
By the time I finished last weeks post...
I was just too exhausted to photo and post

All this to say....
if you want to see the office

Today, being one step behind again
I am sharing some of
my favorite Christmas Decor!

The Entry
I have a two trees in our home.
This small tree is in our entry.
I raise it up on a round table
and decorate it with faux hydrangeas, 
glittered leaves,
lights and tiny brown and green ornaments!
I guess you could refer to this tree as
our formal Christmas Tree!
Most of the year the hydrangeas hang
out in a white pitcher on my breakfast room table!

The Stair Case
This year I wrapped the staircase
with green "pine" garland,
lights and silver bows!
Every few stairs, I tied on an antique ornament!

The Dining Room
 The antique hot pink ornament once
belonged to Mom Mom Friend.
This year I will be searching high and low
at local thrift stores for more of this color!
I would just love to incorporate more hot pink
into my Christmas Decorations next year!
I adorned the light fixture with
pine boughs and more heirloom
fragile, antique ornaments!
The feather tree was a simple craft project
I whipped together a few years ago.

The Family Room
I filled my ceramic bowl with red, yellow
and cream ornaments!
Christmas decor in the family room
tends to be more relaxed
and colorful!
Red is the accent color of choice
for this room!

The gingerbread garland was also a
craft project from many, many years ago.

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Debbiedoos said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Holidays to you.

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
I do think we would have so much fun shopping together! We saw a tree at a store this year decorated with Hydrangea's and I loved it! Your's is beautiful! Enjoyed all of your photo's!! Glad to know I am not the only one having a hard time keeping up with the linky parties :)

Honey at 2805 said...

I too am running behind. But your holiday decor is lovely and your pictures beautiful. I have just become a follower and hope you will visit me and consider doing the same. Happy Holidays!

Christine said...

I really like the Hydrangeas on your tree and that they are apart of your regular decorating.
Brown Christmas balls...I don't think I've ever seen brown. Your colors are beautiful!!
You definiatly have the eye for color. Must be the artist in you, showing.
I'm keeping my eyes open for hot pick for ya.
When do the kids start their vacation?

Melissa said...

that's just gorgeous! I like the different "themes" of your trees, and too, love the hydrangeas and their reuse. Was the feather tree hard? Too hard for my crafty 12-year-old to put together over Winter Break?

Katie said...

Dee Dee, 1st I just love what you did to your office! What a peaceful place to work in, it turned out great!
I too love the HOT PINK, I think I will steal this idea from you for next year. What a great accent color to the Christmas decor!!
And, can I just say that I absolutely adore that sideboard table you have in your dining room with the glass doors!! Where did you get that?
Enjoy all your decor and your new office, it AlL looks fabulous!

corners of my life said...

Gosh - you have really decorated "every inch" of your lovely home. It looks so warm and inviting. I love the hydrangeas.

Sue said...

I am so glad I scrolled back to see this post. Your home looks gorgeous. I love hydrangeas...and that tree is wonderful. I can't believe you made the feather tree...teach me! Everything looks warm, cozy and very pretty!