Sunday, December 5, 2010

Office is Done!

Well, it all started with this room!
My office needed something....
actually it needed alot of something!
Paint, to begin with!
Which I was happy to find on the
"opps" rack for $5 a can!
So, 4 months later...
this room above
Out went the light beige-pink walls,
to be replaced by crisp white on 3 walls
and an accent wall of cocoa brown!
I kept my desk.
I was able to land this desk a few years
ago at a local thrift store for $30.
I had my eye on it for several months,
however, could not justify the $100.
The day I saw it marked down...
I snapped it right up!
Wayne and I spent a few evenings
stripping down the years of dark
build up of stain, dirt, crayon, etc!
I was able to create my light fixture
using an Ikea "Hemma",
an old lamp shade!
 Using some old muslin,
I made a simple cord cover.
The black bookshelf on the back wall was
originally used to store albums
(the 45 and record variety).
I found it at the same thrift store as my desk
and only paid about $2 for it!
I painted it black many years ago
and Wayne helped me frost the front glass
using frosted spray paint.
(We frosted the inside and it still looks like new!)
The framed print on the top of the bookshelf
used to hang in Mom Mom Friend's (my Grandma)
guest room!  
I always wondered what it would have been
like to attend the party in the big
house with the warm yellow windows!
One of my favorites! 
I found three matching kitchen tins
at a garage sale.
I just love that I can dress them up
with a photo and magnet!
I am also excited on how the back wall turned out!
I found this old mailbox for $1
and sprayed it white and cream.
Using two garage sale frames,
I painted them with the same white and cream
as the mail box.
It was a very easy way of "framing"
two smaller paintings.
The "Button B" was a project
I made a year ago!
I rounded out the wall with two
framed silhouettes of  Zac
and Madison when they were little!
The little white rolling cart
was purchased for about $3.
The curtains are standard size drop cloths.
They were a packaged "bogo" deal,
2 for $9.  I simply washed them a few times 
with bleach and hung them on the existing curtain rods!
The chair was brought up from the basement.
The kids claimed the green chair was
too uncomfortable to sit and watch TV.
My curbside find was a stack of old
kitchen drawers.  The fronts had already been
removed, but the construction was solid including
I simply removed the drawer sliders
and strung clothesline in the holes.
I added an identifying tag where there
once was a drawer pull!
I just love "free"!
The chair received a fresh coat of white.
It too, is a hand-me-down from Mom Mom Friend!
Thank you for coming on this tour
of my office.


Carol said...

Wonderful transformation! said...

I love it! You are so great when it comes to decorating. Wish I had your talent in that area.....Love ya....Aunt Jude

Christine said...

Ok, Ok...I'm so excited! I dont know what I like best, the mailbox, bear run, desk, of the way you framed those pictures.
I have to go back are take a four tour!

Nicley done! Colors are great!

OK, took another peek but scrolling up.
I love the curtains and the wood boxes, too!

Way to to Wayne and Dee Dee!!

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
It looks amazing! I love the color of your accent wall, it is so warm and rich! Any your curtains are awesome! Great idea with the art work and using the large white frame to frame the smaller picture. It looks like a great place to relax and maybe do some work, too! I also love how you positioned your desk to be able to look out the window! Great attention to detail :)

Jane said...

What a gorgeous transformation! I love the accent color on the wall. You've furnished it with some wonderful thrifty finds!! The room has a very warm, wonderful feel to it. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Anonymous said...

Love it, DD. How fun to see the picture from mother's guest room. (It likes its new home, I can tell!!)

It seems like just yesterday that your and Missy's children were small. Time flies.
Love you, Aunt Theta

Melissa said...

It turned out just fantastic! I am amazed at what a fantastic job you did and all of your nicely priced (or free!) finds. You have the gift, for sure! I absolutely cannot pick my favorite part. It's all just great!

corners of my life said...

Wow - what an amazing transformation. I love that the desk faces the room so you can enjoy all your creative decorating as you sit there. Do you know who the painter is of the winter picture? It looks a bit like an R. Atkinson Fox print.

Sue said...

It turned out so great! I love your desk and the button B is something I'd love to may have me watching for buttons when I shop! You must just love going in there comfy!

podso said...

I've really spent some time studying what all you have done. it looks great! I love the B with the Buttons! And the accent wall, the drapes, the mailbox, the way you framed the wall hangings ---what a lot of thought and creativity went into this. The only thing I can't figure out is what you are doing with the old kitchen cupboards or drawers. I don't see them in the office. It's all lovely, and such fun that it cost so very little!

Kimmy said...

Your office is BEAUTIFUL! I love the B with the buttons. So cute!

Destination Seaborn said...

Great transformation! I love the desk and the mailbox is too stinkin' cute! Lisa