Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach Secret #3

Do you see what I see?
No, not the
or water,
or even the shells.

Look closer...
Know what this is?
I keep them in a small jar on
my kitchen counter.
Need a hint?
Our favorite way to pass time
on Topsail Island..
hunt for petrified sharks teeth!
Here are some of our
 "prize" finds!
The large one on the left
was found our first year
on the Island!
This year we hit the jackpot!
We found enough to
fill our jar
Overflow it!


Christine said...

That is so COOL!
Oh my goodness!!
When they are all together they don't look like shark teeth, especially when petrified.
What a great vacation. Your secret is out.

Sue said...

There was a beach in Florida where we used to go to find tons of sharks teeth. In fact, the beach almost looked black with them. Oddly, they have sort of disappeared over the past few I know where they went!

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
That is so cool. It has been Shark week on Discovery Channel here...the kids have been watching it every day! Can't wait to share your post with them. Although...does this mean the sharks are close by?
So glad you shared your secret with us :)

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

Dee Dee, I want to know where the jar came from?

corners of my life said...

We have spent 30 years collecting shark's teeth in Venice, FL (with and without the kids). It is a marvel of nature to think they are millions of years old.

FYI: "How a Tooth Becomes A Fossil
A tooth become a fossil when it is buried in sediment (or other material) soon after being lost from a shark's mouth. The sediment precludes oxygen and harmful bacteria from reaching the tooth and destroying it. In general it takes approximately 10,000 years for a tooth to become a true fossil."

Jane said... did hit the jackpot!! What a neat thing to look for when you are at the beach. I would have never guessed that's what they were.
Have a great weekend.

Kimmy said...

How fun and what neat thing to collect. That's amazing that you have sharks so close. We don't have that here on our beaches.

Michelle said...

Hi Dee Dee,
I would have never recognized them! Very cool.
Love to Gwen!

Carol said...

So cool! I think I've seen those on our Jersey Shore but didn't realize what they were.

Katie said...

Oh Dear God Dee Dee, you don't actually swim there do you????

I'm obviously deathly afraid of sharks...........Eeeekssssssssssss!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee Dee! Oh, my goodness! That's just amazing! I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and would never think to look for these! I don't know if we have shark teeth here! :) But I'll look a bit more closer now! :)
Thanks for popping in to see my kitchen.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Sue said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Thanks for always being so sweet and visiting whatever I happen to post!

It's Just Dottie said...

My grandmother loved to look for shark's teeth when she walked on the beach. I now have all of hers. I have them in a large jar and looking at them and remembering her gives me great joy. I live on the Gulf Cooast and I find them often.

Melissa said...

How Cool! And thanks for the great memory! I started reading your post about your new countertops and just keep going! This post reminds me of trips I used to take to Pensacola with my mom and dad in the spring. We'd find sharks teeth there. We visit Sanibel now with our kids and find tons of shells, but never sharks teeth? But they say there are tons of sharks there? I, fortunately, have never seen one!