Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a bird, It's a Plane...

It's the International Space Station!
We had the fun privilege of watching the
ISS fly over our house last night!
The whole flight took about 4 minutes!
I have located a web site that
lists the flight pattern in your area!

I must admit  that until I confirmed it today
we were convinced that this...
was the ISS.  After doing some research,
we think this bright dot is Venus!
I'm so glad that I took the picture of both!

Venus= doesn't look to be moving
ISS= you blink to long, you'll miss it!

Speaking of strange objects in the sky...
take a good look at this UFO.
Any Guesses?
It's the Boy Scouts version of a "Big Balloon"!
Somehow they managed to inflate a tent!
This morning was our Heritage Festival here in
Mason Ohio!
A simply beautiful day for a parade!
Flags, banners, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
American Heritage Girls,
 Little Miss Mason Pageant Winners,
Church groups, Children's Theater Groups,
Mason Idol Contestants and two wonderful
High School Marching Bands!
Your name, I think we had it covered!
Even our local Senior Citizen Community
entertained us!
I hope each of you have a fantastic weekend!


Christine said...

Great post!
I love a parade, any kind, any where.
What a kick those two ladies are, sitting on the steps of the bus. They crack up me.

Until I wiped the dust off my computer screen, I thought you had the whole galaxy in the shot plus a few UFO's.

Katie said...

I thought you posted a blank photo at first ;) The boyscouts look like put a a tent in the air, love it!!!

Carol said...

Whoa, very cool link to NASA! Thanks!

Wendy said...

fun post! Those ladies on the bus crack me up! Looks like a fun parade! Going to go check out the link to NASA. Looks pretty cool :)

Jane said...

Thanks for the link. I'll see if we might have a chance to see the ISS.
Looks like a fun parade. Our little town has it's festival every August with a parade. Missed it this year because we were taking Alex to college.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Sue said...

I love a hometown much fun! I'm glad you saw the space

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

Dee Dee.....This reminds me of the time when all over the United States we all stood outside at night looking for Sputnik to fly over..... Late 50's.....pretty incredible.

Debbie said...

I love a parade! I'm just a big old kid. I also would have been excited about the ISS fly over. We once caught a space shuttle blast off (or lift off or whatever shuttles do...) We were in the car and I jumped out to photograph.

How fun.

I think you should have linked this post to simple pleasures this week. Everything you describe in it would be a simple pleasure to me.

Melissa said...

Loved the post and the pics! Our son is a Space Nut, Level 3 Future Astronaut Trainig Program Graduate - already scheduled for Level 4 at Kennedy next summer! We watched the ISS when it passed over us. I was VERY VERY skeptical! But was finally convinced. That's so cool!