Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Simple Pleasure and a Simple Treasure

I am posting to
 Simple Pleasure on Thursday 
with our wonderful host Dayle
 at A Collection of This and That.

Simple Pleasure
Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.
1 Peter 5:7

I took this shot while on our vacation in July.
We had rented a pontoon boat for the morning and had
to make a "potty" stop at the local marina.
(Several of the 7 kids aboard needed to go!)
This shot was taken in between rain showers,
looking from the dock out to the sound.
I loved the way the old rough dock contrasted
with the silky smooth water.

Simple Treasure
This is currently what is sitting beneath my cloche!
My favorite petite turquoise saucer,
with my daughter's sweet baby foot impression!
Both of these small objects bring me big smiles!

Some By-The-Way Information

Thank you for all the sweet well wishes for Wayne's Birthday.
Since school started the same day,
we kept the celebration to a minimum...
out for Pizza,
back to open cards,
and have a slice of our favorite cheesecake!
We will get to celebrate on Sunday with my extended family!

The kids seem to be off to a great start of school.
It is hard to believe that Zac is in 10th grade and
Madison 7th.  Where does the time go?

I think I've confused several of you regarding my "jobs"!
I hope this clears thing up!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
I help my mom care for my grandma while the kids are in school.

Thursday afternoons
I finally received my Ohio State Care Provider Number!
This allows me to go back to work for the family I used to clean for.
I still clean, only now the state pays me.
This is a very special family to me.
They run a local special needs adoption agency called
My nephew was adopted thru this agency.
The family themselves have 4 biological children and
14 adopted children (most with special needs).

Friday Mornings
I teach art at a local home school co-op
 to some wonderful  1st-3rd graders!!

I was very spoiled this summer to have taken time away
from these responsibilities and spend time with my kids!

I hope each of you have a fantastic day!


Sue said...

You are busy...but it sounds as if each thing you do is done with love and passion, so you must be happy! The photos are wonderful. I love water shots. I must say that I had to look twice at that baby foot:)

Jane said...

A beautiful photo. Something so peaceful about it. Sounds like you have some full days planned now that the kids are back to school. I hope the kids are enjoying their 1st days of school.

Katie said...

Beautiful Photo! And my goodness Dee Dee, you are one busy woman!! ;) Stay energized!!

Wendy said...

The first photo makes me want to sit on the edge, feet in the water and read a book. It looks so relaxing!
Your daughters sweet baby foot is so dear!
What a busy week, but sounds like a good busy :)

Christine said...

Madison's foot - so cute! It is perfect on the saucer.
How do you know when to take a picture in black and white??? Gorgeous!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My kids will also be in 10th and 7th grade but don't start school until the middle of September. Sure sounds like you have busy days but obviously all things that you do with pleasure. Wishing you a terrific Thursday. :) Tammy

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Such a peaceful photograph of the water. I'm a beach bum at heart and am already thinking about my next trip. ;)

That baby foot is just the cutest little thing. I have a plaster handprint of my daughter when she was just a wee thing. I pull it out every Christmas.

Great Simple Pleasures post. Thanks for joining us.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

love that first's so peaceful...want to just hang out there. And the baby that too.

Debbie said...

First, I totally relate to your simple pleasure. I love the feel of a weathered dock beneath my feet.

And second, I love your simple TREASURE. That is a most wonderful thing to put under your cloche.

Jennie said...

The first picture makes me smile as it reminds me of my childhood home near the coast. I miss being near water. It is so soothing. And as nervous as those rickety old docks make me, I love them to pieces (no pun intended).

Fabulous simple pleasure!

corners of my life said...

The home school co-op is so lucky to have such an inspiring artist sharing her talent with the kiddos.

Carol said...

Well, you are a busy woman! Love that little baby foot. Have a great weekend!

Angel said...

You sound like a busy woman! I'm honored and grateful that you would have time to visit my blog. I've enjoyed visiting here as well. Your photos are beautiful. God bless you!

Ms.Daisy said...

Dee Dee,
You Simple Pleasures picture of the old dock and the smooth water is wonderful! You ARE one busy woman glad you had time to spend with your kids, though, there is nothing like it and they grow up way too fast!