Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Above is a photo from Sunday's post
So many wonderful visitors commented
on the cow painting.
I wanted to make sure that I am not credited
for painting this sweet, whimsical painting.
I actually had it commissioned by a
college friend of mine over 17 years ago.
Her talents had always leaned towards animals
and, well
since I can't own that baby cow, I had one painted!

Stay tuned this week....
we've been painting again!
Also almost to post # 100 Give-a-Way!


Wendy said...

Let her know we love her painting! The room does look awesome! 100th post...can you believe it...woo hoo!!

Katie said...

it takes the eye of an artist to recognize another! it's a great painting, looks wonderful in that room!

Sue said...

Hi! I went back to look at your "free do" room makeover. It really is amazing how a few small changes can totally make a room look different. You did a great job with it. Thanks again for all the support and prayers. They moved my mom to a rehab/nursing facility that is associated with the hospital yesterday. She has a private room with "real" furniture, vaulted ceilings and a beautiful view of the landscaped grounds. She can't really see the view, but she can feel the sun on her face and she is still opening her eyes and squeezing my dad's hand when I call and he puts me on the speaker. I know now what "limbo" really is, but I'm doing okay. My dad is the one really struggling. The prayers truly help. I also wish you could drive the 9 hours and have breakfast.


Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

What a great blog you have here. I'm visiting from Wendy's over at Relatively Unique (linked thru your comments). I adore that cow picutre and here's another one you might like on a card

Aren't cow's "udderly" sweet :)