Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art Work Friday & Tea!

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Art Work Friday!
This will be my last official "weekly" Art Work Friday.
I am hoping to post my Art Work Friday meme once a month and
will be finalizing the particulars soon.

I want to thank each person who has so wonderfully posted
fantastic art work over the past several months.
I have met some of the most creative people.
Jane's son at Mamie Jane's
Hannah at Farmingon faith
Michelle at My Cozy Cottage
Wanda Lee at The Plumed Pen

Each one of your postings has deeply inspired me!

Thank you to each of you who have visited us each Friday.
Your comments encourage me more than you would know!

Yesterday, I arrived home from work to find
a special package in the mail addressed to me!
I was so excited to open and find this wonderful gift
from my dear blogfriend Christine.

Christine has a wonderful blog site called
She is a beautiful, wise, and creative friend!
Her site is full of family outings, bathroom redos,
creative tidbits, and love!
She even has gotten her daughter at Oh My Soul Rejoice
 and believe or not
her husband blogging at Is There Anyone Out There?!

When I opened this surprise gift and saw the tea,
I knew that it would be the perfect accompaniment
to my afternoon of art!

It was such a beautiful day that I took my supplies outside!

My project today is a pencil drawing for my dear blogfriend
Jeanette at Starting Over.
Jeanette, if you are seeing this... I wanted to do
a drawing of Keelie in her memory.
I hope that it will bring you treasured memories.
It will be in the mail soon.
For those of you that have not yet met Jeanette
she lost her puppy a few weeks ago in a tragic accident.

I'm not quite finished yet, but wanted to post
what I've completed so far!

Oh, by the way...
I'm almost at my 100 post anniversary.
That only means one thing...

Stay tuned....


Carol said...

Your drawing is wonderful!

Wendy said...

Dee Dee, You are the sweetest. I feel so lucky to have found your blog and get to know you as a friend! That is a beautiful pencil drawing and so special. Thank you for hosting art work Friday...I have always enjoyed seeing everyone's art!
Hope you have a great Friday!

Peg said...

I'll miss linking up with you every Friday, but frankly I'm running out of art to share. It's been fun and I'm glad you have encouraged me to share my work online. Very sweet gift you're making... I'm sure it will be treasured! said...

Oh Dee Dee, I will miss your Friday posts. I hope you are going to be doing fun stuff. Thank you for starting art work Friday and all your encouragement. Love Jude

Christine said...

Dee Dee,
I'm not the creative type but I am so glad that I could help you, in a small way, to be so creative and loving for a dear friend. I will gladly "pour" you a cup of tea so that you can give back to someone who is grieving, anytime.
You are a true friend and I am blessed to call you MY friend!

Michelle said...

What could be better than an aftertoon tea and time set aside for art? Great sketch---you have amazing talent!!! It was very kind of you to do that for your friend. I've enjoyed Artwork Fridays, I'll continue to look forward to them every month.

Katie said...

Oh how I absolutely ADORE that tea cup & bowl~ so full of spring!! You are such a creative artist, what a great Sketch of that pooch!!!!

Hoping your having a Beautiful Weekend in the Midwest!