Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guest Room Free-do

Last weekend, I was confronted with providing new curtains
in my daughter's room.
I found what I thought would work on the discount table at Lowe's.
the roman shades I bought were slightly too big for
her windows.

In my typical thrifty style, I remembered a pair of
chocolate, velvet, blue striped curtains
that were currently hanging in my guest room.
I pulled them off the guestroom window and
found them to be the perfect solution for Madison's bedroom.

All this left me with a guest room in need of curtains.
Now, once again in typical thrifty fashion,
I decided the guest room was now in need of
a re-do-free-do!
Since I had removed the brown and blue from
the windows, I now needed to remove the blue and
brown from the room!
I decided to pull out an old master bedroom bedding set
and try it in the guest room.
And was thrilled when the room went from this to...
to this!
I added the green accessories to accent
the green in the plaid bedding.
the mirror is actually an old window that we fitted
with a piece of mirror from behind.
On top of the dresser I added one of my two matching
modern green lamps.
I also added my baby picture framed in the same
green tone.
To complement the green plaid
I added cream sheets and pillows.
The head board is an antique fireplace mantle.
I have always loved the design of this mantle.
As you can tell, we never added a backing to the opening.
The silhouette are of my children when they were small.
I just matted them and put them
in cheap painted Walmart frames.
The ceder chest was a handmade gift to my
"Mom's first born" from a dear family friend.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my free-do!
I am linking this to Metamorphosis Monday!


Unknown said...

how cozy and inviting!!! love the headboard and the cute cow pic. ALl of it looks great, way to go! Jenn

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's so great when you can refresh a room with stuff you already own! I always shop the house first, sometimes I forget stuff that I have in the basement and it works! said...

Wished you lived could have a ball at my house. Jude

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Love the idea of a "free-do"! This is great. And I've always loved cedar chests. My mom had one when I was growing up that she kept all of her family keepsakes in. I used to love digging through it to see what I could find. :-)

Wendy said...

Dee Dee, This looks great! I love how you added some personal touches to the room...your paintings! Free-do's are the best!
Have a great week :)

The House Creative said...

Such a pretty room, I love how you used some stuff you had already. Turned out fabulous!

corners of my life said...

Jim and I call this "shop at home". It is amazing how often we find the perfect thing we've been searching/shopping for right in our own home. Your redo is lovely.

Katie said...

What a great REDO!!! Your such an Amazing Artist!!!! You didn't mention of the Cow Painting on the Mantel? I'm guessing that this is a piece that you have done? Love the Room!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love your transformed guest room. That cow print adds the perfect whimsical touch to the room. Any guest will feel very pampered in such a pretty room.

Unknown said...

That looks great! Even better since it didn't cost anything. Can I come stay at your house???

Unknown said...

It looks awesome! You have some really great pieces. :)


Sherry said...

I love the room. I am planning on a free or almost free redo of our guest room very soon. Your room inspired me to start looking around and move things around.

Christine said...

What a great job you did. If you didn't tell us that you shopped for the things at home,I would of thought you purchased everything from a store.
Now that headboard,that is truly a genius idea.
Now you have to show us Madison room.

Peg said...

Love it! I was so surprised when you revealed that the headboard was formerly a mantle; I had to go back and look at the earlier photos. I really like the way you've displayed artwork there. Those silhouettes are so precious and I see a cute cow too! I also love the beautiful blanket chest and chest of drawers. Looks so cozy I might have to come visit!

Michelle said...

Great job! Love the mantle headboard, your incredible cow art (as always love the colors you paint with), and the bedding you found from shopping at home. You did the very best kind of redo because it was FREE! :)

podso said...

Hey it's lovely. Simple changes brought a whole new, fresh look. Good for you guys!

Michelle said...

I gave you a sunshine award. :)