Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time for a Change

This is one of those posts that I almost hesitate to even post.
I confess... I needed a change.
My choices came down to
 a cat
 or repaint the master bath.
Yes, I said cat, as in the meow variety.
My kids voted for the cat, my husband on the other hand...
spent the day helping me repaint the bath.

I must also say that I liked the old color,
a very pretty blue that I picked up off the opps rack.

I painted this bath over 4 years ago and as I said before
I needed a change..

(Oh, notice the burnt out light bulb?)

(Or, the paint tray...)
So I thought very long and hard and came up with..

A very neutral vanilla!
Yes, very creative and daring of me!

(Bulb is still burnt out!)

Now I have the freedom to change my color scheme
simply by changing my towels.
Honestly, I was beginning to feel locked in with the blue.

Question is "What's missing?"
Art work?
A working Light bulb?

I tend to be somewhat of a minimalist,
but very open to suggestions!

I have this wonderful handpainted floormat,
colored with caramels, chocolate, blues and grey.
My current towels are chocolate brown.

We also have this sweet chandelier
installed in the vaulted ceiling.

Thank you for visiting with me today!
Please visit with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
for many much more inspiring ideas than this one!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It's very nice! And I love the new unified color theme.

Katie said...

Love the new Vanilla, matches your tile and floor much better than the blue! ;)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks great! I also am thinking about a cat - Again! But allergies say NO!
Thanks for stopping by.

xinex said...

I like the new color, very refreshing. I also love your chandelier.....Christine

Connie said...

I liked the blue, but the vanilla is actually stunning, sugar. Very pretty. How about some plants? I'd put up curtains or even a valance but you said you're minimalistic so plants—even faux ones—can add just the touch.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

I like it...of course I just think any shade of white is fabulous...
I just painted my living room wall creamy white, and have the torn Achilles
Tendon to prove it!!!
Now you can change accents at will...what ever strikes your fancy!
Have fun, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet-Up North Mornings...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I like it! I redid my powder room in a neutral {Blond Wood} and I love it. I can bring in different color accessories and towels with the seasons. I really did it because we put our house on the market, but I do like it. Besides the light bulb, you could accessories the tub area; maybe a couple of valances for your windows {a neutral background with some colors that you think you might use in there at some point}.

Vivian said...

I like the vanilla much better. I agree some type of valance. I also think adding some accessories, such as faux plants, or something else to add a little color.

Allison Shops said...

What is missing? A cat! The vanilla is a nice change. Some artwork and you'll be good.

Jane said...

Hi Dee Dee
I love the vanilla color. It looks great with the tile and I think chocolate colored towels with that rug are perfect. I agree with some of the other comments that a simple valance would look nice and a little you know a good artist...ha, ha!
The chandelier is wonderful. A great touch to the vaulted ceiling.
You and your hubby did a great job.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Dee Dee!

I like the new color. It will be easy to change your theme whenever you just have that need to do something different!

Very nice, I have the paint and supplies, feel free to take over my bathroom redo! LOL

Michelle said...

I like it. You picked a very pretty neutral that will be easy to accessorize. Job well done!

Sue said...

I like the color (or lack of). My entire house is in various shades of deep taupe so that I can change things with color "pops" when I want to. The do think you need some art, maybe above the round towel holder? Something in the deep browns, with maybe a surprise color in a deeper blue or dark turquoise? Maybe a few candles in the same colors around the tub, not that I know what I'm talking about:)


Suzanne said...

I suggest the metal wall art. They are always pretty and go with just about anything. Maybe you could even create some! :)

Mrs. Petrie said...

We just painted our bathroom, too. I think after 4 years a bathroom needs a paint job. :) We have a similar color scheme in our bathrooms.

Donna said...

I love the neutral color you picked out. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

How pretty, Dee Dee,

I vote for your and your hubby's art work! I like and prefer your look of no window treatments, but if after the artwork you feel it needs something more, at that point try a window treatment. Perhaps two or three fluffy towels in your accent color stacked or rolled, as at a spa, on the ledge by your wonderful tub for color and softness. I know whatever you do it will look perfect!! You always have the best ideas.
Aunt Tee

Christine said...

Great Job!
When I redecorate a room, I always use an inspiritional piece, a painting, fabric, etc.
I'd use your rug as your inspiritional piece.
Boy, you recieved some really great ideas!
That is a nice, big bathroom.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

We must be kindred spirits. I just went from the same blue to vanilla this weekend! LOL
Very cool rug.

honeysuckle said...

I really like the change you made going from the blue walls to a neutral color. It seems to go with the tile color better. I have found that a large painting in the bath is the answer for me. Because there generally are not many large walls in a bathroom, the big painting really stands out and makes a statement. You could go with a painting that has several colors in it and then pick out one of the colors for your towels. I have a painting of a bicycle that is about 45 x 30" and takes up almost all of the biggest wall. I love the effect. (Just a suggestion) I am impressed that you have already gotten a project done in this new year!

Sue said...

Just left you a little surprise on my blog!


Katie said...

please reveal the recipe you have for brussel sprouts, i cooked them with olive oil, sea salt, & pepper & I still thought they were awful....eeekkkssss Bacons sounds like they would dazzle them up a bit ;)

Shellbelle said...

Hi Dee Dee, I found my way here from a comment you left at Boogieboard Board Cottage regarding your Art Work Friday. Surprise, I found some of my favorite bloggers left you comments on this post.

Anyway, I would love to help you build that meme by inviting some of my artsy friends to participate, sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I see Peg from Bloomfield Farm is already here, but there are others who would enjoy this.

Thanks for starting this!

Destination Seaborn said...

I love the vanilla! That chandelier is awesome! ~Lisa

Anonymous said...

I love the color. I am all for safe neutrals. I am almost afraid to go out of the box..