Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Work Friday

Happy Friday!

I want to send a special thanks to each of my
linkers (is that a word?)
and visitors today!

The only thing I was able to paint this week
was my laundry room wall.
I hope to post the finished piece this Sunday!

So this week I decided to post a piece
that was gifted to me by my oldest and one of my dearest friends.
Her name is Elyce.
We've know each other since 3rd grade...
We were college roommates...
and despite the fact we have only lived in the same city
for 6 1/2  out of 32 or so years,
she is like a sister to me!
She currently lives in Indianapolis.
She is an extremely gifted artist!
She plays a washboard in her band.
How cool is that?

me and elyce

In fact, I am the very blessed recipient of many of her fabulous
pieces of art!

The screen is about 9 x 6 and
the center measures only 4 x 3!

Here is a close up. 
Each black line is a small inked hatch mark.
Notice that she has sewn tiny silver thread
throughout the entire piece.

This piece reminds me of a planetary universe.
I display it on my kitchen counter year round.
I find the intricate detail amazing!

Once again, thank you for visiting with me today!
Please take time to visit all the inspiring artists
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Peg said...

Wow! Your friend is so creative! I really admire artists like her who have the vision to create a piece like that. The silver threads make it look three dimensional. Awesome!!!

How's the laundry room coming? I'm planning to tackle some wall painting as soon as the weather warms up. Can't say I'm looking forward to the project either!

Christine said...

You sure can tell that you and Elyce are close friends. The picture of you two, looks like it could have been taken in high school. How cute!

Her artwork is amazing,(and I'm sure your laundry room will look amazing, too!).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I really hope I can become at peace with the situation and one day it will all come together like it should. I can't wait to see the laundry room! That is a very nicely detailed piece of artwork!

Sue said...

Wow-she's talented too! I might actually be able to paint a laundry room wall:)


Destination Seaborn said...

What a cute picture of you two! I see from her artwork that she's a very talented artist. Have a great weekend! Lisa

BTW, do you ever go to the Ikea in W. Chester? Hubby and I might be heading over sometime.

Wendy said...

What a great friendship!! She is a very talented artist! A beautiful piece of art.

Jeanette said...

That picture of the two of you is a great one. She is a wonderful artist. I like it when people 'think out of the box'. She must have some more patience!
Thank you for your comment. If you are near Georgia, make your plans when Doug is home. LOL He is still the king of the fried turkey. He has been in several contests and won every time. His turkey (and him) are going to be greatly missed.