Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Award

Look what I won!
I woke up this morning to receive a very nice surprise
from my dear fellow blogger Sue @ I Need Mom.
The Sugar Doll Award!
Sue is such a fabulous cook,
and always willing to share her yummy recipes.
She has a marvelous way with decorating and tablescapes, too.
If it's cold where you are now, hop over to her site
and experience some wonderful posts from her Christmas visit to
Disney World in Florida, it's truly like a mini vacation!
A big sweet thank you to Sue.

Since this is my first award, I'm very honored!

This award come with the following rules:
The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award—Rules

1. Post the AWARD.

2. Don't forget to mention the person who gave you the AWARD.

3. Tag and distribute the AWARD to 10 Fabulous Sugar Dolls.

4. Write 10 fabulous things about yourself that you want to share with other Fabulous Sugar Dolls.

5. Don’t forget to notify the your Fabulous Sugar Dolls about their AWARD and post a link to their blog.

Ten things to share with you about me....
1. I long to be a living example of Christ's Love working through me to others.
2. I have held at least 12 different "jobs" since graduating from college 18 years ago.  Including:
A Clothes Hanger for a local department store
A Night Auditor for Kraft Foodservice
A Returns and Refusals Clerk for Kraft FoodService
A General Warehouse Clerk/ Receiving Back-up Clerk- Kraft food Service
A Counter for Kraft Food Service
An Operations Manager for a small computer software design firm
An Art Teacher at Two different home school co-ops (still doing for one)
An Art Teacher at a small local art studio
An Art tutor out if my home
A Childcare Provider out of my home
A housekeeper for a family of 19, soon to be 20 (still doing)
An Elderly Care Provider for my grandma (still doing)
3. As a result of my two year stint at Kraft Foods I can (or could at one point) drive a forklift, a cherry picker, wake up over the road truck drivers, and drive and operate a electric pallet jack (my favorite)
4. I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts.
5. I love a huge variety of music, from U2, who by the way I saw in concert this year, to Enya and probably everything in between. 
6. My family and I spent New Years Eve watching "Improv Everywhere" videos on You-Tube
7. My husband and I love good food, and are willing to travel to get it!
8. I love frozen coffee frappes.
9. I love the beach!
10.  I'm blessed with a wonderful, loving husband, two excellent children and two rescue dogs!
I'm about to break the rules, or more pointedly rule 3 and 5.
I am fully aware that some of you love to receive awards
and that other simply are honored to be thought of,
but don't have the time and energy to complete the requirements.
Because of this I'm gifting this award to each one of my
visitors, that's including you!
If you are so inclined, please accept this award on my behalf.
You are truly special, a true Sugar Doll.
For those who would rather pass, no problem, I get it,
know that you are special too!!
With much love and fanfare.... Dee Dee


Jeanette said...

You are so thoughtful and kind DeeDee. Josh is home and although she is slow and wobbly I think she is doing fine. Hugs to you my friend.

Sue said...

Thanks for the kind words:) You keep house for a family of 19...how can you stay awake to do anything else?

In answer to your earlier question, I think pet art would be wonderful...unless you winner didn't have a pet. Maybe you could sketch their house??

Have a great night!


Christine said...

1.Bless you
10.Pure love

Shellbelle said...

I am so happy to see that I am not the only rule breaker! I do like that we both posted the 10 Things and learned more about each other, that's the part I enjoy, the rest — too much work. I like what Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix commented on mine about all the rules, she'd rather be blogging with friends. She is one smart cookie.

I am impressed with all you've done and continue to do, but #7 And #9 are my favorites and I totally agree!