Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aspire to Inspire

A special thank you
 to Lisa at Destination Seaborn
for hosting
Aspire to Inspire.

I thought long and hard about how I'm inspired and
what (or who) inspires me.
This week I felt lead to share about someone who inspires me
my mom!

 Some things Mom has taught me...

God loves me.

Jesus died for me.

Family is extremely important and
vacationing with them is a treasure!

Grandparents are to be loved and honored.
(both of my Grandmothers live with Mom and Dad)
(Nona and me)

We are never to old to play...

so play we must!

Know your gifts and talents and share them with others!

My sister and me!

Take time to pamper yourself!
(Mom took my sister and I on a weekend trip
last year to celebrate my 40th birthday.  She
brought candles and nail polish so we could
do pedicures!)

Memories are free!
(Mom's sand from her trips around the world)

Love, Love, Love

And finally..

Sometimes it is OK to eat dessert for dinner!

I am so blessed to have such a beautiful Mom.
She loves me unconditionally.
She loves my family unconditionally.
She has worked hard to sacrifice for her family.
She continually gives each day to care for my Grandmas.
She loves God,
 and it exudes from her daily!

love you Mom!


Jeanette said...

What an inspiring and uplifting post! Your mom's character shines through you with every post (and every action, I'm certain). Happy Tuesday DeeDee!

Jane said...

Dee Dee,
This was a fabulous post and I'm so glad to finally "meet" your mother. She has so many wonderful qualities that remind me of my mother.
She's a beautiful woman inside and out!

Anonymous said...

And she is just the best sister and friend in the world!!!

Aunt Tee

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ditto what you just said!
missy (deedee's sister)

Destination Seaborn said...

DeeDee, this is a lovely post! I love the pic on the beach and the glassful of sand. You're just as beautiful as your mother! Thanks for sharing her with us and participating in Aspire to Inspire.

Christine said...

Your pictures are so personal and I love that!
All of them tell a story about you and your family. The one with your Grandma ~sigh~, the swing pictures, the whole family,all are touching. What a heritage you are passing down to your children.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Michelle said...

This brought tears to my eyes. It's the most touching post I think I've ever read. The sand collection...very special. Time with your grandma. What your mom taught you. Never too old to play. And dessert for dinner (yes, that's okay...lol!). It's all so inspring and touching. It makes me want to call my family back home to tell them how much I miss them. :)

Peg said...

What a lovely, lovely post! You have such a beautiful family and a fun mom too! I like the sand idea :-)

Sue said...

Oh, how wonderful. I hope my daughter feels this way about me! You are very lucky...and so is your mom.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise I received when I read your sweet blog yesterday. Thank you for honoring me with such kind words and feelings. I am so blessed to have you and your sister as my daughters. The Lord has truly blessed your father and me.

I better watch my actions since you are learning lessons without me even saying a word.

I love you precious DeeDee!