Friday, September 11, 2009

Sand Art

I am reposting this from September of last year.
It is a fun project and with all this winter weather
I hope this might bring some summer dreaming your way!

Thank you for all your encouraging comments from my very first blog post last week. I have learned so much about posting and navigating this new world, even in this short week. Thank you to Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch, for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week.

This weeks project is another simple idea and it all started with a bag of sand. Or in this case several bags of sand. As I mentioned before, my mom and dad enjoy traveling, often to locations with a beach. Over many years my mom has brought home small bags of sand from various beaches from all over the world. These bags of sand were being stored in the closet. Something needed to be done to allow her the opportunity to enjoy these "souvenirs"!

So what does one do with "many" bags of sand...

Find a container worthy of such treasures...

Then go back to your childhood and make "sand art".

We took each bag of sand and emptied them one at a time into her glass container.

It is amazing how the varieties of sand differ in color, texture, and size.

The small pink layer on top is from Bermuda, isn't it delicate?

We chose some of Mom's favorite shells from Sanibel Island to display on top of her sand.

Here are some of destinations where Mom collected the sand:



The Mediterranean Sea


Sanibel Island


Clipperton Island

When we filled the first bowl, we found a small fish bowl to use!

The shells in the fishbowl are from Clipperton Island.

This project allows Mom to enjoy the "beach" all year round from the comfort of her living room. Each layer is a treasured memory.

I have linked this to Metamorphosis Monday.

Head on over there to see more inspiring projects and ideas.

Calling all artists...

I am looking for artists who might want to join me each Friday to display your art work. Every Friday I have decided to post a sample of art, either something I've created, my husband has created, or something that I find inspiring. If I get enough interest I would love to create a link to allow a place for us to share our work. If you are interested in joining me please leave a comment below!


nannykim said...

Great idea! I love it!

my post is on my spindle cottage blog ;-)

Sedona @ MyDivineDelights said...

That's fab! What a great idea!

Wendy said...

You brought back a great childhood memory! I love the idea of how your mom collected sand from all those special places! This would be so much fun to do with the kids! I am so glad you re-posted! Happy Monday to you, too!!

Sonny G said...

I always loved sand art.. Your post brings back some sweet memories. One year when money was tight I made sand art gift jars. Everyone loved them. They werent nearly as professional looking as yours. Shells, gotta love that.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this idea. Tucked away in a craft cabinet I have some ziplock bags of sand from a couple of different beaches that I have never done anything with. This is a perfect idea for it.