Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zac's Ark

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family for helping me celebrate my 41st Birthday!

When I started my blog ,back at the beginning of September, I had absolutely no idea what I was stepping into to. But I must tell you, what a wonderful and encouraging adventure this has been. My fellow bloggers, you have been some of the warmest, inspiring, encouraging, supportive and, I must say, productive individuals I've ever "met".

I am still working on my living room redesign, so I'm not ready to reveal that quite yet.

So what do I share for Metamorphosis Monday, when my biggest change is 8 piles of dirty laundry into eight piles of clean laundry?

My Aunt suggested I share a project that I must confess that no longer even exists.

So in the spirit of Metamorphosis Monday and many thanks to Susan At

close your eyes and imagine a empty bedroom with a crib and dresser...

Now image that the crib is needed to be moved to the room next door for the arrival of a new baby girl. This left our almost three year old in a twin bed. We soon discovered that our small child suffered from something we had never heard of but soon became experts on- Night Terrors. It seemed that moving him out of his comfy enclosed crib into his "big boy bed" had triggered almost nightly Terrors. We decided to try and build him a enclosed "big boy bed" and came up with a Noah's Ark or in this case Zac's Ark theme!

We used sheets of wainscoting to create the structure of the "Ark".

Baby sister, Madison, sitting in front of our "water" border.

Arks need Elephants, peering out of portholes!

Giraffes and Zebras!

Camels and mice!
Birds, butterflies and frogs!
A big cat lounging on the deck!

And most importantly a very handsome captain!

Here is the best photo I found of it all put together!

Obviously this was done years ago, 1998 to be exact.

The photos were all taken on my 35 mm and I scanned them into the computer.

For anyone curious, the bed did help reduce the number of night terrors! I wish I could say that it eliminated them totally, but he eventually stopped having them.

Painting the animals were a labor of love!

If you are interested in more art work check out my Art Label.

We have since moved from this house and the bed is no more, but thank you for taking the time to relive this precious part of our life!

For more inspiring ideas check out Between Naps on the Porch!


From the Old InkWell said...

That is amazing artwork! Love it!

Vicci @theplaidbasket said...

WOW! Awesome paintings and beautiful children!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT murals! Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday...Do stop over i am having a give a-way...

Anonymous said...

Wow what wonderful painting!! I bet the kiddos just love the room- does it help them keep it cleaner!??


Bunny Jean said...

I am amazed at the detail in the artwork. Did your husband paint it or was it you?

Almost all of my kids had night terrors, usually about 45 minutes after falling asleep. They can be very disturbing for everyone but the child, as they usually don't wake up.

I have enjoyed looking at your blog. In fact I read back to get to this post and will be commenting on a few others as well.

Welcome to to world of blogging. I am new also and find it very time consuming. I even wrote a blog a few days ago about that.

Talk to you later... I am following you:)