Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dance Stella Dance

I do an ongoing painting series of small everyday scenes.

This is one of paintings from that series!
My friend took a photo of her daughter dancing on
their freshly mopped floor, posted it to FaceBook
and I knew right then and there I
just had to paint it!
The color and energy inspired me to pick up my
pallet knife to create this painting.

"Dance Stella Dance" oil on board

I also used pallet knife to create this painting of
another one of my friend's kiddos!
She had snapped this photo of her kids while 
vacationing in the Caribbean and posted to FaceBook!
Can you see a trend on where I find much of my inspiration?

"Caribbean Blue and Toe Shoes" Oil on Canvas

Thank you for visiting!
Dee Dee

1 comment:

Christine said...

Such happy paintings!
The movement is right there and alive. Of course the colors add a POP!
And you did both of these from a photo, amazing.