Thursday, April 13, 2017

And the Camera now connects to the PC!

Photos on the PC,,,,
Great thing when you want to Blog!

After a year of maneuvering this process with
little to no results, I am excited to say
I have figured this out and
I can now once again get my photos from my IPhone
to my computer!
Which means I can return to some blogging!

While away from blogging I have
taken to sharing on FaceBook.  This has been quick way
to post both my family updates and weekly art work.
I am still getting to paint at least once a week!
I thought today I would share some of my recent
pieces of portrait art!

"Practice Face #4"  Oil on canvas board

"Girl with Red Knit Hat" or "Practice Face #7"
oil on canvas board

Commission Piece "Harrison"- oil on board

Commission Piece "Grace"- oil on board

"Mom Mom"- oil on canvas Board

I have been trying to paint a variety of subjects
and hope to share more with you over time!

Hope all is well!
Blessings and Happy Easter 

1 comment:

Christine said...

I fell over with excitement when I found you on my blog roll!
Then I fell over again! Your paintings are WONDERFUL!!!!
Practice Face -Girl With Red Knit Hat is my favorite, along with Mom Mom!!
And you have two commissioned pieces!
Dee Dee, you have developed into a fantastic Artist!
Keep showing up in Blogland!!!
I'm one of your biggest fan!!!