Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Blogging Inspiration

I have had so much fun lately getting back into
the swing of blogging!
I love getting the
opportunity to explore new blogs!
So many great inspirational ideas
from so many creative bloggers.

I wanted to share two new bloggers with you!
The first blog is Our Creekside Castle.
Kathy's blog is full of...
Photo- Our Creekside Castle
artisitc photos of her beautiful home...
Photo- Our Creekside Castle
Wouldn't you love a view like this out your window?
Photo- Our Creekside Castle
She shows past renovations
 and upcoming renos!
This bathroom above is about ready to be gutted...
I can't wait to see how it turns out!
Kathy is also taking the...
While I have not jumped aboard to fully 
take on this great challenge,
I was inspired to see how many
decor and craft projects I could do
with out spending $!

Which brings me to the second new blogger.

 is chocked full of
great ideas!
Photo- Teresa D. Boyd
Isn't this handmade burlap/ button wreath stunning!
Photo- Teresa D. Boyd
Teresa used homemade chalk paint to update
this adorable table!
Looks like it came off The Pottery Barn store sales floor!
Well, her homemade chalk paint post was
timely for me.  I had just gone to our local
fabric and craft store inquiring about chalk
paint and they looked at me like I was blue.
Remembering the "0 budget challenge"
I walked out of the store with the cheapest bottle
of white craft paint I could find.  I think I spent all
of .63 cents which I fished out of the bottom of my purse!
That night I came across Teresa's blog on how to
make chalk paint.  Now, I was in business... 

Nothing like a "recipe" and an open weekend!

My first project was to update my knife block.
Wayne sanded it for me and I applied
the first coat of "chalk paint".
Two coats of paint, some sanding,
and some miniwax and it turned out great!
I love the distressed look and
it now blends in with
Of course,
 I couldn't just stop at one project.
Remember my old ottoman?
I just had to paint it too!
I enlisted the help of my hubby, Wayne, to recover the top.
He is the upholster of the family,
his corners are always done so professionally.
He used some left over drop cloth material
from my daughter's headboard project.
I'll post that project soon!
Ahhhhh, much better!
I took the after photo's this early morning before work.
The nubby texture of the drop cloth
was perfect for this little project!
I had alittle bit of paint left,
so I grabbed an old candle holder
and painted that too!
Hide the dogs they might be next!

Please head over to visit these
two wonderful bloggers,
I'm sure they would love it!

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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness...I love what you did with that knife block. I *hate* ours. Okay...hate is a strong word, so I'll simply say strongly dislike. :) I never thought of painting it...but I can hardly wait to run to the store so I can do ours. You are so full of creativity!

Jen said...

What a good idea with the knife block! I have been hiding mine in a toddler proof drawer because I did not like the color of the block! Although maybe right now is not a good time to put them back on the counter!?! And the ottoman looks great, perfect corners Wayne!..can I add that to our visit.. how to make the perfect corner and how to tile??? No really, seriously. FYI I responded to your Pinterst question on my blog, I will send you the invite ;)

Unknown said...

I love it all!! Wow, what an amazing job. Those corners on the ottoman are perfect... I wish I could upholster like that! That is funny about painting the dogs! This kind of paint makes you want to paint everything, doesn't it?

I've seen the homemade recipes out there and I was going to try one out this week to compare so I'm glad you posted one! I can't wait to try it out.


Teresa said...

Dee dee! Thank you so much for featuring my blog! I'm all smiles over here, you made my week! I'm in love with that ottoman, beautiful! Don't you feel like you've got chalk paint-itis? Now that I completed my table and desk I'm wandering the house looking for more to paint. That stuff is addictive!

Christine said...

Wow! Great job on the DIY projects, Dee Dee & Wayne. Never would of thought to paint the knife block. Yours looks great!

OK, now I'm off to visit your inspiritional blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Kath said...

I am so excited that you featured my blog! Thanks so much Dee Dee! And I see that you have already done more crafty things with (almost) $0 than I have. But I have an excuse (don't I always)...I've been busy taking down Christmas decs and cleaning etc. But I still have plans..don't worry! The month is young. :)
Love the painting you did! Knife block! So cleaver! (I mean clever hehe)

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Beautiful! I love the knife block and your ottoman. Fun features too!

Sue said...

His corners are perfect...that ottoman looks amazing, like new!

Unknown said...

I love the transformations. Thanks so much for linking up.

XO, Aimee

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that recovered ottoman. Huge props to the master!