Friday, January 6, 2012

The Front Room- Reveal

Welcome to the last room on the tour-
our Front Room!
It began with such humble beginnings
mauve carpeting...
quaint arches...
and the mirror over the fireplace
 the size of a sub-compact car!
However, it had good bones...
hardwood floors...
a big bank of windows...
... wood burning fireplace
and located off the front entry!
This room had some major termite damage.
The I-beam, or what was left of it,
 over the window was being
held up by a partial stud.
We re-framed and widened the passage way to the back,
to open up the view to the back yard!
I like arches, but knowing that our finishes were
going to be more Arts and Craft
we opted not to keep them.
The original floor was sanded and polyed!
We decided to use this room as
a formal dining room
and library.
The room has 4 doorway openings...
1-The small hallway leading
to the powder bath and
2-The entry...
3-The stairway...
which is on the other side of the fireplace...
4-  the Great Room...!
It took some time to find a
furniture arrangement
that made sense
and allow for traffic flow.
I knew I wanted to include my antique bookcase.
It served in our last home as my dining room hutch.
 Our last home!
In this room I filled up the bookcase
with meaningful pieces of artwork,
collectibles and of course books!
Most of the books are displayed spine in.
I loved the mellow yellow color that shows
 from the pages of my old books.
I tried something new,
combining silver and gold accents.
I love the way it turned out in this room.
 My angel looks perfect in her new home!
Thanks Christine!
We originally bought the rug to go under the table
But when we bought the chairs,
we needed something to anchor them
in the middle of the floor.
(can you see my puppies by the window?)
We refer to these windows as the Dog TV!
Shades go up- TV on!
We opted not to dress the windows with curtains
 allowing the trim to take center stage.
I am still looking for 4 dining room chairs
to go with my table.  We have been tossing
around painting our old antique bow back
kitchen chairs white and using them here.
Any thoughts?
I just noticed in all my bookcase photos
is my empty black frame sitting right in the middle. 
 It is there waiting for a
piece of glass.   Whoops! 
Our next project is refinishing our old ottoman...
stay tuned!

The color on the wall in this room is
Benjamin Moore- edgecomb gray.
The trim color is a custom match
to our kitchen cabinets.

I am linking up to Metamorphosis Monday
at Between Naps On the Porch.


Jen said...

It keeps getting better and better! LOVE the antique bookcase and I thought the black frame was intentional and was liking the idea!!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

It's gorgeous!!! Jen is right...everything looks so great. Love the antique bookcase in there as well. Love the dogs too and your dog tv made me giggle...we have one of those too. ;)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow! Amazing! Such a wonderful transformation! I have cat I hope your 1012 is off to a great start! Happy Saturday...hugs...Debbie

Christine said...

Oh boy! This is such a claming room. I love the way you have "tweeked" it from the living rm to the Library/dining rm. Do I see your heirloom desk over there in the corner? Nice!

You and Wayne have done such a beautiful job.
Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!

PS; the puppies have a great vista. ;)

Unknown said...

Wow! I cannot believe how much work you guys have put into your home! That takes some serious dedication! I love looking through your blog. I can't wait to see what's next!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visting me!


Ronda Batchelor said...

I love the rug. and the stairs, and the dogs!

Teresa said...

Wow! You are making such a beautiful home! I'll be following you and from the looks of it getting some serious inspiration!

K&B by the Sea said...

Wow, your room looks fantastic! I love the trim you put on the wall above the fireplace - huge improvement over the giant mirror :-) The colours are so soothing, and you've done a great job styling the bookcase.

Your pooches are adorable :-)

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

What a transformation! Your home looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

Wowie! I love a good remodel! So satisfying in the end. It looks fantastic! XO Cindy

Unknown said...

What a lovely room and a great transformation. I love those comfy and elegant looking chairs and your antique bookcase is a great piece. I especially admire the lovely mirror/frame arrangement on top.

Lisa said...

Wow, Wow and WOW! Your room is AMAZING! I love how you've transformed it and the rug, antique bookcase and wall of windows are my favorite elements. I came over from Met Monday and so happy I did :)

Anonymous said...

This is a very impressive makeover! The room is stunning. Y'all have a great sense of style. I would love for you to join my Show & Tell party. It kicks off on Wednesdays at


Unknown said...

Wow! great Job! Thanks for sharing! Joann

Sue said...

You really did luck out on the floors didn't you? It is just perfect and all of your added touches are gorgeous. I can't believe how you turned an old house on the outside to such a stunning new house on the inside! Love the grays!

BTW-those aren't dogs, those are ponies!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous space! I love everything you've done...right down to that pretty rug. And I'm reading backwards, so I've already seen the cool transformation of your ottoman. -So glad I didn't have to wait. :)

Lol about the dog tv.

Unknown said...

Very nice transformation! Love the rug!

Kath said...

Love love love the new look. So gorgeous!

Unknown said...

This is LOVELY! I feel like I walked the process with you, which I LOVE! I totally think the antique bow back chairs would be GREAT!!! I love each and every single post LOTS!!! XO, Aimee