Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sad News to Share

Over the past year, I have met some
fantastic bloggers!  A hand full
have become
true blessings to me...
Friends that I have grown
to know, care for,
pray for and in return
they have done the same for me.
This afternoon amidst the hustle and bustle
of celebrating Christmas with family,
I took a minute to pull up email
only to find out that one of my sweet, loving
blogfriends passed away this morning.
Jeanette, my dear sweet Jeanette from
Her husband, Doug, emailed me to share this sad news.
Please pray for Doug, as he in currently
in Saudi Arabia on work and is frantically
trying to secure passage home
to Georgia, where Jeanette was living.

Jeanette and Doug sent us this for Christmas
It was the perfect gift, for I collect Christmas
Angels and display them
in my living room during this season.
This sweet Angel holds photos or cards.
She is currently holding the last card
that Jeanette sent me .
Life is short, and God doesn't promise
us forever on earth.
As I sit in my family room, fireplace is on,
puppies enjoying their new Christmas bones...
tears are flowing down my face.
My heart is heavy and I want to
tell each of you on this Christmas day
that Jesus was God's gift to each of us.
By accepting His gift of LOVE
we are promised forever with Him.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave
his only begotten Son,
that who so ever believes in Him,
shall not perish,
but have eternal life"

I will miss Jeanette terribly....
she had a way of touching lives of those
all around her... including mine.

My prayers are with Doug and the rest of the family.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So sorry to hear this sad news. How awful for her husband. We live in Kuwait so I can imagine how it is for him trying to get a flight home. I pray that he is able to make arrangements quickly. Prayers and blessings, Tammy

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
Thank you for sharing this with us. We will pray for her husband and hope for a quick return to the States. We will also keep you in our prayers. What a beautiful gift and a sweet reminder of her friendship.
Wendy said...

DeeDee, I am so sorry to hear the news. We will keep her family in our prayers during this most difficult time. Love, Aunt Jude

Christine said...

Dee Dee,
It is with sadness that I write this comment to you. I know you hold your blogging friends close to your heart. Janette knew you two had a special connection and it shows.
I send you my respect and condolences.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness Dee Dee, I am so very sorry to hear of this news!! I didn't follow Jeanette's blog continually, but would some times pop over & I had no idea she was ill??!!
My thoughts and prayers are with You & certainly with Doug and his family!! You are so right, God does not promise us forever here on earth, we certainly need to appreciate every single moment we have!!!

Much Love, Katie

Anita Diaz said...

I'm so shocked!! I did not know!! I did follow her, and had no idea. Thoughts and prayers are with her family:-)

Carol said...

Dee Dee,
Oh, so sad.
Hugs to you.

Maria said...

Hi DeeDee,
I'm so very sorry for this sad news of Jeanette.
I, too, stopped over here occasionally to share a laugh or two. Her posts were typically filled with humor and joyful ways of looking at life. Jeanette always made the best of things.
Thank you for letting us all know ~ she will be missed for sure ♥

corners of my life said...

I am so sorry to hear of the lose of your friend. I took a minute to vist her blog and found out what a delight she must have been. You must be devistated. My thoughts are with you.

Tara said...

Thank you so much for letting me Dee Dee. This news just breaks my heart!

Honey at 2805 said...

So sorry to hear of this loss.

Gone said...

Including you DeeDee, as well as other friends & family of Jeanette, in our prayers. Thanks for letting me know about Jeanette - she was a wonderful Blog Friend. She will truly be missed.


Marcia said...

Thank you for updating me today. You are good to help her husband by contacting folks; it's one of the hardest tasks. Sending you a hug and sharing your sadness and sense of loss.

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

oH no - Just got back from being out of town to hear this sad news. She thought she was on the mend - what happened?
PEACE to you, Doug and the family

Monica H said...

The praying angel holding the card she sent is you is beautiful. She was an amazing woman and I will never forget her.

Blesings to you and her family,