Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Office Inspiration

I want to personally thank each of you who took the time
to comment on my last post!
I value each of your comments and fantastic decor opinions!

First, I want to acknowledge that all photos in today's
post are directly from Internet images and are
being used today solely for inspiration!

I am hoping to get my office narrowed down soon.
This week, while picking up copy paper at Walmart
I found a fun white and red floral fabric that
seemed to be calling my name!
It looks something like this, however reversed...
flowers are red, background white.
I would have taken a photo, if I would have thought about it. :)
Many people were drawn to this
inspirational photo from my last post.
I love this look too, but after careful thought,
I love change and limiting myself to only white art work
would not allow me to use some of the art pieces
I've already planned for this room!
Since finding the fun red and white fabric...
I pulled a few more photos to dream upon...
These shelves could be fun in that room!
Ahhhh... to have wood floors.
Or wooded views like this!
This library desk reminds me of my desk.
Christine, I will post about my desk soon!
I like the contrast of the wooden desk and the white walls.
Given that I don't have any white walls currently in this house,
I have a feeling I might go white and accent it with red?
Or white and accent it with black?
Or white and accent it with both red and black?
Decisions, decisions... decisions!
I'm also trying to decided if I want a white drum hanging light...
a fun white mini chandelier?

Knowing me, most of my decisions will be based
around budget, what I find
shopping my house and second hand and
on what I can make!

Right know I vision...
painting the room white
bleaching drop cloths and making curtains trimmed in the red fabric
painting a chair white and recovering the seat in red floral
thrifting for a light fixture to remake..

Right now I must run and paint the kids bathroom!
Have a great day!


Katie said...

Dee Dee, you appear to be having a great time envisioning your new office, I think they all look great & just can't wait to see what you pull off!

Anita Diaz said...

I must have missed the last post, but I love all your inspiration! Your WalMart still has fabric?? Ours does not anymore, but I used to find great fabric there. Love that red print!!

Carol said...

So many choices! I love the idea of black/white/red

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
Great ideas and I know you will pull it all together to look beautiful! I had so much fun reading your post!! Love that fabric!

Sue said...

White accented with red...perfect! I love that picture with the desk that looks like yours.

Rettabug said...

It DOES look very much like your desk, dd!! I would LOVE to have such a nice sturdy place to sew. I'm on plastic folding tables. :/

You can't go wrong with the major pieces in neutral colors & using strong, favorite accent pieces here & there. Its also easier to switch things if you become tired of it. I love your red & white swatch. Be sure to buy plenty of extra, because you won't be able to find it a year from now. Good Luck & I can't wait to see when you're done.

Maria said...

Hi Dee Dee!
I'm stopping over from Jeanette's... I read her post about your drawing and it was so touching!
I am sorry you also lost your beloved dog...

We have two old shih tzu's ... {14 and 16}

I'm enjoying your posts about your office redesigns... Great ideas are flowing here...
My sewing room needs help!
I'll be visiting to see how your are doing!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
ps. I love your blog template... it's so clean!

Christine said...

WOW! You have a lots of wonderful ideas and I don't envy you about your decision.

(My vote on the light would be the chandelier, it's say girlie all the way!)

Jeanette said...

Your ideas are great! While I am usually a girly girl I like the drum with the red/black/white. But again I don't have an eye for visioning stuff.
You have some great inspiration there.