Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Dreaming

Our count down has begun
To the beach for summer fun
Blue sky and ocean
Just days away
Our vacation,
our time to play!


Sue said...

I love that feeling just before vacation...the suitcases are out, the mail is stopped (and the paper), the snacks are purchased. It still has that Christmas Eve feeling to me!

Christine said...

My one of my favorite sayings is, "I go to the sea to breath". Ahhh...nothing better then to take a deep breath and smell that fresh air.
I'm happy for you! said...

How exciting is that! I can feel the warm sand between my toes! Have a great time with the family. Love, Aunt Jude...

Wendy said...

How exciting when the count down starts! There is nothing like the smell of fresh salt air! Have lots of fun!! Soak up a few rays for us :)

Jane said...

The countdown to a vacation is always fun....all of the anticipation! Have a wonderful time!!
I also wanted to mention how sorry I was to read about your sweet Abby Lynn. I know that it must have been a really rough time.

Maria said...

Hi Dee Dee!
Your ocean photo looks dreamy even as a thumbnail in my sidebar!
What a great photo for all of us to daydream about!
Wishing you a wonderful vacation!
... thinking of waves of ocean and rays of sunshine...

corners of my life said...

Getting away is such fun and going to the beach makes it even better. Refresh and relax.

Katie said...

Oh how fun Dee Dee, where are you guys headed?

Enjoy your Beach fun, there is no other like it!!!