Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Weekend!

What do you get when you add my husband to
35,000 other crazy people?

The Worlds Largest 1/2 Marathon!
Wayne and I headed out of town last Friday
so he could participate in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.
Might I add, for the 5th time!
Notice how all the runners look
warm and energized
even all mile 10!

Want to see what I was wearing?
(me & Elyce)
As official cheerers, I am first to say it was cold!
Thank goodness for hoodies and layers!

For the past 5 years Elyce, my dear friend who lives in Indy,
and I take up position to cheer at miles
4 and 10
Thankfully they cross at the same corner!
For the first 2 years we made ourselves dizzy trying to find
Wayne and our other "crazy" friends from
our church who brave the weekend to run too!
Then 3 years ago, in attempt to get the runners to stand out,
someone came up with these construction worker shirts.
Unfortunately none of the runners took up the challenge to be "seen."

Elyce and I, however decided that we would wear them
and allow them to do the looking for us!
I am so pleased to tell you,
that they find us every time!
(How could you miss us?)
We look like giant fluorescent snowmen!
I was so proud of Wayne for beating his personal best!
Can you tell how cold it was? 
The poor runners were freezing
once they cooled off from the race.
They were all happy to see me at the finish
 with the warm gear they handed
over to me at mile 4!

On another note....
I want to share my beautiful Mother's Day gift
with you...

See what Madison painted for me for Mother's Day!
I think it is simply fantastic!
I love the way her clouds look like animals and objects!

Thanks for visiting!

5 comments: said...

Great job Wayne!! I hope you ran a mile for me and DeeDee I really like the color, you look so glowing. Jude

Wendy said...

Way to go Wayne!! I can't imagine running 1/2 marathon, I barely made it through the 5K! I love the yellow jackets...cheerleaders are a very important part of the race!!!

corners of my life said...

Looks like Madison has some of her mother's artistic talent . . .

Christine said...

35,000 crazy people plus two very smart ones!
Love the cheering leading outfits.

What a great accomplishment for Wayne. And what a fun tradition.

I agree with Mary, Madison has some of mom's talent. You should hang it in the hallway.

Katie said...

Way to go husband and the other 35,999 other runners in the half marathon, great job! Dee Dee, you look adorable in your shirt!!

What a great painting for the Mama from Madison, looks like you are grooming another artist!!