Friday, September 27, 2013

Talented Jun

We had a wonderful steward on our cruise, Jun!
Every evening he surprised us with the
most creative towel animals!

Thought you might get a kick seeing
what Jun created with two towels!


Bunny with Carrot!

Seated Elephant

Adorable standing Elephant



What a face!


Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

OMGosh what A talent!!! Those little creatures are darling. What fun it must have been seeing who was going to great you each night!
XO Barbara

My Garden Diaries said...

That what just put a huge smile on my face! I hope you had a lovely time!

Christine said...

I think I'd sleep with a few of those and not use then as a towel!

It's the small details that add such a fun factor to an event.
It takes so little to be ABOVE Average. Jun is one of those who knows what I mean.

Great trip!!!

Lynne said...

Quite the talent . . . fun to see!

Crickit said...

Love the towel animals.. So cute! What a wonderful trip you had.. Beautiful photo's!

Sue said...

Just like at Disney! That monkey is pretty darn special! I've never seen one that big, he was good!

corners of my life said...

I am thinking that the walrus has the most personality . . .