Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homecoming Dinner

My favorite tablescapes are the
 ones that can be enjoyed
by friends and family.

And this tablescape was lovingly done
for my beautiful daughter Madison 
and 4 of her most excellent friends
for dinner prior to Homecoming.

Madison helped pick the colors.

White... Pink...Blue

And for this evening we pulled out 
our rose china and "wedding" flatware.

A few dollars of grocery store clearance flowers
and two mini teapots became
sweet flower arrangements. 

Chocolate cover strawberries so fresh
that they steamed the glass!

The mudroom counter transferred to a perfect place
to stage drinks and dessert!

Homemade Mocha/ Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Twizzlers- they make mouths happy! 

And did everyone have a good evening?????

These beautiful faces don't lie!

I am linking to Tablescape Thursday

12 comments: said...

How beautiful! So grown up!! Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs to all.

Lynne said...

What fun that must have been to plan a Homecoming party in your home! I love your table, china, flowers . . . and happy gals with beautiful smiles makes for a perfect night!

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said... special an evening for your sweet Madison! Everything looks so beautiful Dee Dee. This is a special time she will never forget,especially since her mama created the evening just for her homecoming!
XO Barbara

Ronda Batchelor said...

It's beautiful. It's so much fun to do this for your kids and family!!!

corners of my life said...

Following in her mother's footsteps? What a nice compliment to you.

Christine said...

A little love, some creativeness and tada!
What a fun way to celebrate Homecoming.
Madison, you did good!!

Debbie said...

I knew from the thumbnail that I just had to come see this table. I wasn't disappointed! It's just beautiful to me, and I love the colors together. My favorite shot of all is the one with the sun on the flowers. Just LOVED that!

Wendy said...

They look beautiful and how much fun to have an elegant dinner at home! I didn't realize Madison and Maddie were the same age!

Crickit said...

What a beautiful table! Your daughter and her friends did a great job! :)

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi DeeDee: What a great thing to do for your daughter. She is so pretty and I can just hear them all giggling around the table which looks so pretty. Something they will always remember. Barbara said both you and I left her more than one comment and that reminded me that I hadn't visited you for awhile. Sometimes if I don't get on at the right time I don't see what some put up so I forget (So easily!!) Anyway, I'll try to be better..Happy Weekend..Judy

Anonymous said...


You are one fantastic mother to your kids and one fantastic kid to your mother!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Everything is absolutely gorgeous--the girls and the table! Loved everything about it...the flowers, table settings, your chairs, the food! All of it!! That's your mudroom? Wow! Fancy!! Glad they had a good time!