Monday, September 12, 2011

A Tip

Wow, it has been a while since I've updated my blog.
In a sad reality, it has been awhile since I've been able to
read, comment and simply enjoy blogs.

Redoing the Provision has become a full time job
and a weekend "hobby".
In other words we are working what feels like 24/7.
I've been know to look at Wayne while knee deep
in a project and ask will this always
be our job site or someday will it
feel like our home!

We have been blessed to find temporary housing
and since June, when our "big" home sold (yea!),
all four of us and our two extra large dogs
have all been sharing a compact second
floor two bedroom
I hope to share some photos soon!

As far as completing the Provision....
it's beginning to look like a home again!

Drywall is finally done!
Kitchen cabinets are in!
Doors are hanging, vs leaning against the wall!
Tiling is taking place.
Window trim is starting this week.
And I've been busy painting!
(How many colors of off white are there to choose from?)

I hope to start posting photos this week!

Getting Real!

In talking with a few of my friends (who think this remodel has been
all PollyAnna) and
upon their request....
here are just a few building bloopers we've
experienced during this remodel.

1. An animal skeleton underneath the back steps.
2. Petrified bodies inside including:
a raccoon
a squirrel
many mice
a family of birds.
3. A set of windows ordered to big.
4. Front shrubs prematurely removed via a contractor.
5. A worker carried off in an ambulance after falling off a ladder.
6. A leaking roof.
7. New windows which leaked after the first rain.
(weren't properly caulked)
8. Termites, termites, termites
9. All the damage termites bring.
10. 7 dumpsters of house guts
11. A 30 in kitchen sink base and a 33in sink!
12. Prechosen granite that no longer fits the intended space.
13. A microwave drawer that was too big, cabinet too small.
14. Missing trim in the kitchen.
15. Doors that were not properly sized and had to be retrofitted
and in some cases simply reorder!
16. A drywaller that went over a week, causing us to be moved
back on the kitchen installers schedule.
17. A raccoon nests above what will be my daughters bedroom!

My claw foot tub is currently sitting in front of my bedroom window.
I must confess....
I've often been found "distressing" inside the tub!
No water needed! :)

In all reality,
God has been so good and true to the name of the house,
we have seen him provide again and again.
In the case of the kitchen, we were able to find
another installer who was able to install
the kitchen and doors for less than the cost
of the first installer doing just the kitchen.
Home Depot has been wonderful about allowing us
to both return a few special order pieces and reorder
new ones.
And on and on!

A Quick Tip

With a brand new furnace and new drywall,
our heating and air guy suggested this tip...

 Placing cheap air/furnace filters over the
return air ducts, sets up a first line of defence
in keeping your furnace from becoming clogged
with drywall, wood and paint dust!
The one on the right had been used, see the dirt!
Also remember to change the regular filter
every week or two as needed,
during the construction stage!

Happy Monday....
I'm off to paint!


Christine said...

That is one loooooooong list!
But from what I know about remodels, you are doing great.

Cheering you and Wayne on, Go Go Go!!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

So glad to hear you are not lost in the rubble! I cannot WAIT to see pictures!! Hang in will be worth all of the stress. It is going to be fantastic! said...

OMG DeeDee, I thought I was going to have the load the dogs in the truck and drive from Florida to see what was taking place! I wait every Sunday night hoping to see a post of something new but it sounds like you have been a very, very busy girl! Can't wait to see the pictures. I love the tub. Oh, what was Wayne's answer to your question about the house just being a "job site"? Love you guys....Aunt Judy

corners of my life said...

I do see a light at the end of your tunnel. Such energy this is taking - bless your heart for all the planning and hard work.

Jane said...

Good to hear from you! Sounds like a few obstacles to overcome but you, Wayne and family seem to be adapting!
Thanks for keeping us informed (and for putting some reality into a major renovation).
Take care.

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
Wow, all 6 of you in a two bedroom apartment since June! God Bless you all! That is some list...
Your tub is beautiful! Can see why you would destress in it, even without water! This is going to be one amazing home when you are finished!

Sue said...

Oh, you brought back such memories of our one huge remodel. We didn't find dead things and we didn't have termites, but so many other things went wrong it almost became a joke.

I really can't wait to see your home when it is done. Do not let me miss the pictures!!